Friday, January 22, 2010

First Step

Well Ms. F as we will call our contact lady did for sure send out the paperwork as it arrived today. Hooray! We have signed up for our orientation as that is our first step.

We now will just have to find a babysitter for Landon as we can't bring children under 18, oh if family lived close. But thanks to those ahead of time who will be helping us out.

After our orientation we will schedule the other sets of classes. So far they are mostly on Wednesday and that is the only day Mike is really gone from the home. Ms. F said they may be able to work with us on that. Yeah! for being nice in the beginning.

On a side note we went to an estate sale in the area today and found a bed frame and box spring for Landon for a total of $15. Yeah for people getting rid of stuff! Yeah for Mike going with me to something kind of girly.

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