Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gardening, Civil War Remembrance, and (not so) Nice New Neighbors

Eliza can both pull her head up and pull up her legs like she’s doing sit ups. Her lower two front teeth have almost poked through, so she has been a little irritable this week. She, Landon, and Mike have also had a bit of a cold. Maybe it’s just Mike and Eliza, and maybe Landon just has allergies. Whatever the cause, the snot is flowing like a gross river of mucous from at least two noses (Eliza’s too much of a lady for that sort of thing).
Can we sneek a peek at those pearly whites between sit-ups? 
We took advantage of the good weather early in the week to do some work in the garden. Landon helped prepare the beds and Eliza supervised. Afterwards, we played ball.

We went to Greenfield Village for the annual Memorial Day Weekend Civil War Remembrance. Each year we have gone, Landon has been able to last a little longer and participate in more activities. We went with the Ann K. and her kids and Ivan and Amberly and their kids and spent a few hours, and we only took in a small chunk of all the activities to be had there. Lots of people (but not too many) came out to share the fun, and the rain stayed at bay, so we had a grand ol' time. Who knew history could be so popular?
Look! There's mayhem we can get into just over the fence!
Landon thought rolling down the hillside with Rock was the best part of the day. 
The kids received a $100 signing bonus for enlisting. Mike took a 50% finders fee. 
Time to muster in and start our drills! I'm not sure if Zeke (on the right) looks quite ready. . . .
Forming ranks
Drilling the troops
Well deserved liberty after a hard day on the field
Someone (finally!) bought the house next door. A crew has been replacing the roof, which is bad enough in itself. However, in our case things get a bit more dicey: Our house is only five feet or so from the house next door, and our roofs are closer still. As soon as the first bit of roof debris started falling into our wall and bouncing off our windows and onto our A/C unit, Mike was out the door and the roofers were bringing plywood to protect things and offering their apologies. Why is it that it takes someone telling them to be responsible for them to do what they should be doing in the first place? Not the best way for the new neighbors (flippers, probably) to make nice. 
Tight squeeze. Believe it or not, there's a tarp under all that mess.

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DisabilityDiva said...

What a fun time! Eliza doing situps!! So so cool!!