Saturday, June 04, 2011

Summer is Off to a Running Start

We celebrated Memorial Day remembering our troops by hanging up the bunting and patriotic lights and by roasting a turkey (huh? Well Hallie had intended to cook the turkey—bought for Thanksgiving—earlier in the week, and it hadn’t happened yet, and we didn’t want it to go bad. . . .). Oh, yeah, and we made chocolate coated chocolate rice krispie treats with sprinkles!

Landon’s school had “Funapalooza,” an end of the year festival/fundraiser, on Thursday night.
Such a cutie!

Fearless! He would get to the bottom of the slide and do a somersault to finish. Yeeesh. 
This balloon-bending clown came with personality plus!

Note the intense look of concentration. He was very into his horsey ride.
We thought we'd start Eliza on solid foods with a slider from Burger Pointe

On Saturday, we made a quick trip to the farmers market followed by a trip to Westview Orchards’ Community Day, where we got to do all their fun activities for free. Landon fed the animals (his favorite activity), and then he moved on to all the play activities. 
"Again!" (Repeat 20 times.)
Exploring career options (He recently discovered Dirty Jobs on Netflix)

Meanwhile, Eliza chilled out. She loves her new fuzzy blanket!
The boy in a moment of contemplation over an ice cream cone
The girl in a moment of bliss with her bottle
After Westview Orchards, we went to St. Clair Shores’ Junefest. On a lark, we entered Eliza in a beautiful baby contest at a local children’s store (the prize is a $50 gift certificate, which we could put toward a blessing dress when her adoption is finalized). We think she’s so dang cute, so she’s a winner no matter what happens!
"Your sword, my liege." Another talented balloon maker. 
Even our fairy princess received a butterfly on a leash.
Temperatures have risen, and we have enjoyed the sun. The humidity could hold off for a while. It seems like we have leaped straight from winter to summer. Hallie even suggested we share some tereré to cool off in the evening (Happy Paraguayan Independence Day!—just a little late).

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