Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Proclamation, a Movie, a Wedding, and More

This week’s adventures involved repeated visits to the Henry Ford Museum (Yes, there again. We should buy stock) for a couple of significant events. The first involved the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. The original document made a stop for 36 hours at the Henry Ford, so we made the attempt to get a look at it on Tuesday. When we arrived, we were told the line would be 4-5 hours long (yeah, right. . .). We waited two hours in one portion of the line, an hour in another portion, and another half-hour in a third portion, with no real anticipated end in sight and two small, very patient, yet flagging children in tow. Diamond had already taken Landon around the museum to keep him entertained, and he and Mike had taken a few trips out to the car to get items and a change of scenery. Seeing that we were likely to continue staying in line for (at least) another two hours into the deep of the night, we decided to let a game of Rock, Paper, Scissiors determine whether we would continue. In an epic two-out-of-three nail-biter showdown, paper beat rock, and we reluctantly decided to go home, stopping by 7-11 for Slurpees to drown our sorrows a bit. The little ones didn’t know any different anyway, plus Landon got a treat.

WDET's Craig Fahle reading the Emancipation Proclamation  
The crowd remaining ahead of us after being in line 3 hours. We waited another 1/2 hour before opting to leave.  
Several musical acts, including this couple, entertained us during the last part of the wait. 
Patient Eliza. So cute!
After coming home, Landon had some Lightning McQueen  macaronin and cheese.
Eliza had her own meal. She's starting on solid foods! 
As just about every parent of a child under 16 knows, Cars 2 opened on Friday. Because the original is one of Landon’s all-time favorites, we decided a little while ago to make Cars 2 his first feature movie experience. We opted to take him to the IMAX version at the HFM. Hallie went to great lengths to make it memorable for him with the purchase of some Cars-themed items—along with lots of other moms, apparently (Stock in HFM? No, we should buy stock in Disney-Pixar)—such as cereal, fruit snacks, and die-cast cars strung out over the days leading up to the event. Here’s the funny thing: He didn’t seem to make as big a deal of it as we did. Typical Landon! Of course, he has also neither let go nor lost sight of his new favorite toys since receiving them.
The new breakfast of champions

On Friday night, our friends from church Lloyd and Bonnie got married. Originally envisioned as a small affair, it quickly got larger than originally thought (We should have known better. People love to share a celebration!). After a few improvisations, things worked out. Congratulations, Bonnie and Lloyd!  
All dressed up! 
We were going to have her wear this dress to go before the judge when we finalize the adoption. Now that we're not going out to Utah, we chose to have her dress up for the wedding! 
Bonnie and Lloyd after "jumping the broom"
On Saturday morning, Hallie and her friend Sarah took her son Chase and Landon down to the farmers market. Afterwards they enjoyed a chat outdoors as we all took in the mild early summer weather. Later Hallie went to run some errands while Mike and the kiddos played at home. 

Mike’s dad got the family a couple of video games, so we had to break them in! Speaking of things Mike’s dad did, he sent some pictures he scanned from a Christmas long ago. Can you tell what decade the shot below took place in? Ah, memories! 
A few clues: Weeble haunted house, shag orange rug, and the Little Professor (the calculator, not the boy--although isn't that a coincidence???)


Kim said...

That just looks amazingly '80s to me.

Chairman Mao said...

You're only a couple of years off there! Think older. . . .