Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just a Few of Dad's Favorite Things

The week’s activities started with Macy’s 2nd Monday at Greenfield Village. Landon got to drive cars, and he and Eliza rode the carousel, a first for her. In other firsts, Eliza has learned to roll over all by herself.  

On Tuesday, Mom and Dad had a yummy Latin American-themed fondue dinner at the Melting Pot. This was one of our first real dates since Eliza was born.  

Landon helped Mom and Diamond make cake balls, little donut hole-sized morsels of death. Delicious chocolate flavored death! (Apologies to Walter Bishop. Cue Homer Simpson salivating in the background. . . .)

Mike rewarded himself for writing this week by biking down to see “Pirates of the Caribbean” at the movie theater at our neighborhood park. We could go on about the park and its gym, pool, marina, first-run movie theater, and other amenities—all within a 10 minute bike ride from home! June means mayflies (called fish flies by the locals), so riding home in the post 9 PM twilight meant Mike brought a few guests along for the ride.

On Saturday after we tidied up around the house, we drove down to Motor Muster at Greenfield Village (we should just move to Dearborn for as often as we go to HFM/GFV).

An overview from the Village Green (note the awesome Ford Falcon in the foreground!)
Cars as far as the eye can see
Working repair truck
1964 1/2 Ford Mustang w/view under the hood

Classic wood-paneled estate wagon

Diamond picked her favorite. 
Eliza was looking to pick a winner, too! 
Not only did they have classic cars, but people dressed in classic costumes . . . .
and classic bikes (both pedal and motor), too! 
Exploring career possibilities
He helped hammer this tin medallion
Later, we helped a new family move into the branch. They have four kids, and their dad works as a doctor at the local hospital. Another new family will be moving in next month. Hooray for more new friends in Primary!

Posing with the roses in the front yard. "Ahoy, maties!" 
This Father’s Day Hallie and the kids got Mike some great presents: a picture frame with the kids’ pictures and a tent and sleeping bags for father/child campouts over the summer. Fun!

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Mike & Lila Family said...

I'm pretty sure you guys never sit at home, honestly. :) i'm also pretty jealous i didn't get to go. i love car shows... and your family. whoo hoo eliza on turning over! HEHEHE