Sunday, July 03, 2011

If You Can't Take the Heat. . .

I am writing the text of this post from the foyer of our church. I’ll get to why in a minute. But before we get there, we have the rest of the week to report. Actually, not a whole lot happened. Up until Saturday we had some great early summer weather. 
The kiddies have dressed in their summer attire, which frequently has meant underwear/diapers alone. The neighbor kids have come by to play with our kids and give Hallie a little bit of freedom to get some errands run and chores done.
Landon took this picture of our neighbor and Eliza all by himself! 
"Smile for the camera, Landon!" Yeah, right.
Eliza has taken to eating more solid foods. . . 
 with mixed results.

Landon has been taking swim lessons down at the park pool, and we celebrated his last day with a picnic and some time basking in the warm afternoon sun.
Landon, again with the deliberate smile. He's ruined more cute pictures this way. 
The bathing beauty
Saturday dawned humid and proceeded to get hot. We helped another new family move into the branch and then enjoyed some ice cream to try to cool back down. Then in the afternoon we were treated to (or afflicted by, take your pick) a huge thunderstorm that knocked out power to us and about 4000 other people in our town. We spent all night and all day today without power, and while we received word that the problem would be resolved by tonight, we also heard that we might not get power again until Tuesday. Tuesday! However, we did see several repair trucks dealing with the downed power lines and fallen tree limbs, so here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later. As of this writing, we’re still sans power. 

So this brings us to why we’re at church. We decided to beat the heat a bit by staying on for a while after meetings ended to continue enjoying the air conditioned comfort of the building. It’s still pretty hot at home. Electricity and all that comes with it (e.g., light, refrigeration, a/c, Internet, shall we go on?): what a blessing! 

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Riley and Breanne said...

Oh, how my heart goes out to you with all the heat!
Eliza is getting so big! I can't believe she is almost 6 months... holy cow how time flies!