Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fun with Friends (for both Mom and the Kids)

With the summer at its height, we’re just trying to keep out of the heat as much as possible! On Tuesday, Sara and Chase came over, and the kids played outside in the pool. The raspberries have gone for the year, but tomatoes, basil, and zucchini have come in their place. We even used some of our garden’s humble bounty to make capellini pomodoro for lunch.

Dad wanted to show off the kids' mad athletic skillz:

Landon gave us a scare on Wednesday. He woke up late (weird) complaining that his stomach hurt. Still, he ate normally. Then he proceeded to just sit on the couch quietly and watch TV (weirder), and then he took a nap without a fight (weirdest) after which he awoke continuing to complain of pain behind his belly button. Hallie called the pediatrician’s office, and the nurse told her to take the boy to the ER because he was exhibiting symptoms that could mean appendicitis. Normally doing so would not be an issue, but Mike had taken the car to work. With some help, first from Sara and then from Ann (and with Diamond’s much-appreciated help of looking after Eliza at home), she took Landon first to one hospital, then another (the first did not do pediatric surgery if he did have appendicitis). Mike was finally able to join them after they had been admitted for observation, and for the first time in a long time, Landon actually fell asleep in Mike’s arms. Fortunately, it appeared that Landon just had a virus. He went right to bed after we got home from the hospital, and the next morning the boy was up to his normal high-intensity routine.
On Thursday Hallie and the kids went to the playscape at Eastland Mall with Valerie and Janel and their kids. Evidently, someone forgot to let Landon know that he should take it easy! He took to the playground as if nothing happened the day before. We got some crazy rain on Thursday night and Friday morning. Hallie and the kids went to the annual Village Sidewalk Sale with Sara on Friday, then after dropping Eliza off with Mike, she and Landon went back to Sara’s for more play time.

We’re not sure if Eliza was sick or if carrots don’t agree with her, but either way, she spent Friday and Saturday behaving normally with the exception of the occasional carrot-laced upchuck. We’ll see how things go sans carrots for a bit.  

Hallie and Sara and the kids went to Jungle Java and IKEA in Canton while Mike went home teaching and had burgers with the guys from Elders’ Quorum. Some passers-by even got in on the action. After everyone got home, Eliza showed off some more of her crawling and sitting up skills.

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carly said...

what a cute purple dress eliza is wearing in this post. where in the world did you get such a cute thing? ;)