Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthday Fun for Mom and the Gang

We had a fairly eventful week. Mike is hunkering down for spring semester and its attendant intensity (16 weeks’ worth of class in 8 weeks. Remember summer school?). Hallie had her birthday, so we celebrated with a couple of events over the course of two nights. We went out to eat and did a little birthday shopping on one night. She bought a lighthouse LEGO set with some of her gift money. Mike and Landon were jealous, but Hallie was nice enough to let them and Diamond help.

The next night we went bowling at Ford Lanes in Dearborn Heights (a Groupon find), followed by Cupcake Station cupcakes with the missionaries. The bowling alley had weirdly warped lanes. The balls would meander down the lane and take these odd turns on their way down to the pins. Good thing we had the bumpers up (for Landon, of course ;) ). 

On Friday night, Hallie, Diamond, and Amberly went to see the latest “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie at the Henry Ford Museum’s IMAX big screen. Arr!

On Saturday, Mike worked and looked after Eliza while Hallie, Diamond, and Landon went to the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum with Vivi’s Friends and then to the Briarwood Mall. A while back we discovered an amazing bungee jumping activity for Landon there, and once again he had an incredible time defying gravity! 

Eliza got her own bit of activity with a new exer-saucer. We have a couple of budding athletes in the making! 
Look at that smile!
Landon totally wanted in on the action.
We received our photos of the kids back from Alexis. WOW! We can't get enough of how she captured our kiddies' personalities. Thanks so much! 

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DisabilityDiva said...

What a perfect birthday weekend!! Looks like it was so much fun!!