Friday, May 13, 2011

Apparently it's Friday the 13th at Blogger

So I opened our blog to find that the post we made about Alexis's photos of L and El had disappeared. I did some looking and found that everything people had posted from May 11 on through this morning in Blogger disappeared. Blogger apparently suffered a service disruption, but now they're back. Having been born on a Friday the 13th, I usually look at the day as a good thing. I suspect Google does not, at least today. Carly wondered a little while back whether anyone blogs anymore. In light of the glitch, perhaps we should switch to another blog or social media platform?


Kim said...

You know, I was with Wordpress for awhile and thought I'd try blogspot out. Is this common with blogspot (to have serious outages like this)?

Chairman Mao said...

@Kim, this is only the second time I've ever heard of this happening, and the last time was 2008. We've really liked Blogger overall.