Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day Gifts

The first week of May has turned out quite nice. We spent as much time as we could on the sunny days soaking in the spring sunshine. This is total “Popcorn Popping” season; all the flowering trees are in glorious bloom like great pom poms of white and pink and lavender. Daffodils and tulips (oh, yeah, and dandelions. Hmph.) abound. We’re experiencing springtime in earnest.
"I looked out my window, and what did I see?"
"Popcorn popping on just 'bout every tree!"
Zoraida, we could not have these moments without you. Thank you so much, and Happy Birthmother's Day!

On Saturday we went to “A Day Out with Thomas 2011” with Thomas the Tank Engine down at Greenfield Village as a gift for Mom.
Natalie, thank you so much for the gift of this precious little man. Happy Birthmother's Day!

Memories of his trip on the Mother Road
This guy was shamelessly flirting with the girl here. Hilarious to watch! Maybe Landon learned some tips. 
Keep your eyes on the train, boy!

Happy Mother's Day to one hot momma! Hallie is the fairest in all the land!
A grand day out in the sun for the little one
So the boy up and disappears on us. Grr. Good thing Dad had a good guess as to where he might be. He loves that carousel! 
Hallie sent herself flowers. Or rather, she sent her mom flowers, but to our address. Oops! The next day the flowers Mike got for Hallie showed up, so Hallie received double flowers for her big day. What more could a mom ask for? Well. . . .

How about golf clubs? Landon bought Hallie an awesome set of golf clubs so the two of them could get into the swing of the great outdoors. 
(Apparently they're already broken. Those two play hard!)


Kim said...

Please tell me that your son's medium is crayons in the last pic. :)

Madame Hallie said...

No Kim. It is Sharpie. It has been there for a long time. Mike is calling it a Randy Pausch moment!

Kim said...

LOL! Well, my parents tell me I was MUCH worse when it came to wall decor as a kid. I'll go no further with that one....

DisabilityDiva said...

so cute I cannot stand it!! What a great Mother's Day weekend! Eliza is so strong!!