Sunday, May 01, 2011

May?!? Where’d April Go?

Another week gone by. The kids are continuing to surprise us with their unique ways. Landon has taken to making interesting observations about the world around him. His thumb has healed up nicely. The human body has amazing healing powers! Both kids show amazing physical strength for their age. Landon has decided to get into photography. Here’s the house from his perspective. 

Mike has been working to get the ends of some papers he has been working on tied up as Winter Semester winds to a close and before Spring Term gets started. If only the editors who have sent rejections would say why his articles aren’t a good fit for their journals. . . . Of course, the simple rejects are better than the two-year sagas that, after revisions have been submitted, still end up with a “Thanks, but no thanks.” Not much to do but keep on writing. He has a goal to complete 12 papers in the next 12 months. There. The goal is written down. Two went out in April, and another is in the hopper for May. 

We tried to get some pictures of the kiddies, with limited success:

Hallie's nickname for her is Bubbles, as in they are something Eliza likes to make.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa O for the cute teddy bears!

The highlight of our week was when we went to Rochester Play yesterday with Vivi’s Friends, the same adoption friends group with which we went to gymnastics a little while back. Landon burned off some serious steam with Dad while Mom showed Eliza off to the other families. We love Zoraida so much for giving us the opportunity to raise little Eliza!  

More of the world through Landon’s perspective: 

Diamond moved in yesterday and will be going back to school soon here in Michigan until she heads over to BYU-Idaho in January. We’ve gone from a family of three to one of five. Yowza! 

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