Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Visit from Elise, Lily, and Emerson

We had so much fun over this past week! Hallie was so sad to see them go. Landon enjoyed having his cousins play here. We are so grateful they were able to come and play. We had the missionaries over to eat twice and we enjoyed good food this week. We are so excited for the fall when we get to see them again!

In front of the Henry Ford Museum.
The fountain was super tempting to Landon.
This is a cupcake as big as an ice cream. Lily could not finish it off.
More trains. They have full sized ones in the museum. So cool!
Flew paper airplanes. Lily did so good it flew under the bulls eye and out of the area.
Here Elise is helping the kids make airplanes. They had a blast.
Here they are pretending to be Barnstormers.

A visit to the Rock Stars, Cars and Guitars 2. Loved the black and white tractor and all the other fun things we saw.
A trip would not be complete without seeing the Weinermobile. Iconic.

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laura said...

Aah. The wienermobile. It harks to sweet times when we didn't worry about nitrites or nitrates and their pejorative effect on DNA cells.
Man, I miss hot dogs.
Meanwhile, Landon is getting so big! And he can do so many cool things! What a lucky boy.