Monday, August 10, 2009

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

I am not sure if this picture looks desirable but it sure as heck tasted GREAT! Thanks Mom for sending me the yummy Martha Stewart recipe. I guess it was meant to be that when Kroeger had 5lbs of blueberries on sale that I bought them and we froze them. Sure came in handy to make this dessert. Elder Wood was so entranced he accidentaly broke his fast when he ate the cobbler.

Today we went to Greenfield Village for our monthly Macy's 2nd Monday trip. The theme this month was Trains. We did not get any pictures this time of our riding the train or doing the activities. Maybe because it was so hot and sticky that you just didn't want to do that. We did ride the Steam Locomotive around the park and while on it the heavens opened and it started raining. We brought Elders Wood and Grubham with us and we all ran for cover when we got back to the depot. There we got to the stroller and benches and ate our Subway lunch. I had fun, hopefully everyone else did too. Every now and again on the way home from The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village the Elders want to go to 7-11 and so that is what we did today. Below are some of what I consider to be some cute shots of Landon getting his days worth or more of sugar.

We had our Adoption Yard Sale. Some of the pictures are posted below. One of the most amazing things about our Yard Sale is the young boy pictured below with Landon, his name is Miles. Miles is going into 7th grade and he is the hardest working kid I have ever seen. He helped us every day of the sale and even before hand getting us tables and a dolley. Landon loves to see Miles and tries his best to talk to him whenever they are outside. Landon becomes incoherrent when he sees Miles. Miles is so kind to Landon we are grateful to have his family as neighbors.
Thanks Ross family for adding the bowtie to the pile. He loves it! He wore it to church and now Zeke wears a bow tie too! Needless to say we could not sell it.

For some reason Landon thought he was supposed to squat when I took his picture. He is talking more and more these days and it was amazing the other day when he said, "Please Mom!"
Friday was a BEAUTIFUL day to have a sale. Too bad not a lot of foot traffic.

Saturday was not so hot. It rained from 7:30 am - 5:00 pm. Even with prayer the Lord thought it was not to be. Here are some pictures of our stuff on the porch and covered on the grass. We thought if we just sat on the porch it would eventually stop. No luck! But we put forth our effort. Landon was a marvelous trooper through it too. Thanks Diamond for helping out with Landon. It made things a lot easier.


Diamond Evans said...

It was fun to hang out.

Ross Family said...

Landon looks so cute in that bowtie! Glad you could use it!!

carly said...

cru was totally laughing, smiling and talking to landon today when we looked at his pictures. it was so cute. like he knew him! i loved it.