Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A New Phase and A Novel Way to Help

This post is to all the WONDERFUL people who read our crazy family blog.

In June of 2009 we officially received our approval to start "finding" our second child from our adoption agency.
The three of us are very excited to start this new phase in our family building.
Since we started our adoption journey in January 2005 we have learned A LOT!
For our second child we are armed with more education, more friends, and more guts to get the word out that we are trying to build our family through adoption.

The respect and love that we have for the Super Birth Parents out there can't be put into words.
We LOVE our Natalie so, and we are now looking for a second Super Birth Parent.

However, our quest requires YOUR help.
The first and easiest thing you can do is to e-mail your address to us at:

The second thing you can do is to read the story below so that your SPIRIT will be open to helping us "FIND" our child. (This was reprinted from the

* let me first say how much i respect and love birth parents. i hope that this post does not come off like we are "hunting" birth parents or using them or think of them in any way other than heroes. please know that atthe r house, being a birth parent is a badge of honor. we adore you.

consider this a little introduction to the r house's crash course in finding.

why do we need to find?

well, first, there is the the numbers issue. everyone knows that there are more adoptive couples than birth mothers. designated adoptions (where the birth mother and adoptive couple go into an agency already matched) is becoming a larger portion of adoptions in recent years--around 30%.

what's the most important thing when finding?

the most important thing in finding is the Spirit.

let me tell you a hysterical story. it blew me away. i know a couple that had 2 children and were hoping to adopt a third. they were in their car and decided to go out for ice cream. they passed all kinds of famous and delicious ice cream locations only to feel like they should get their ice cream from this sub-par fast food place. they got drinks and ice cream cones and let their kiddies play in the playland.

the husband of this couple goes to refill his drink and sees a young pregnant woman walk in with what looked like her dad or an uncle. without thinking he jokingly said something terrible to the affect of , "how much can i pay you for your child?" (i was horrified when i first heard this! stay with me, it gets better!) the young woman looked at him and started bawling.

he starts thinking, "oh my! what did i just say? that was awful." (truly.)

she then proceeds to tell this husband that she and her dad were just discussing in the car her thought to place the baby for adoption but was looking for a sign. this young woman and her dad sat down with this couple in the play land ...and a couple weeks later, were placed with this young woman's baby.

whoa, right? i share this because the Spirit has an incredible way of glossing over what we feel prompted to say and making it okay.

some of you may be feeling, "i could never promote myself like that. it just doesn't feel right." that's totally okay. i think mr. r had a hard time with that at first (i, on the other hand, love to shamelessly promote myself, hence my addiction to twitter. lol.)

if you don't feel comfortable promoting yourself, then focus on promoting adoption in general.

this goes for those of you who are passionate about adoption and helping the case, but aren't hoping to adopt yourselves. you can help promote adoption even if you aren't directly touched by it.
Remember us in your prayers and know that this child will be loved and cared for to the best of our ability.
We will do all that we can to make sure that this child like Landon will be blessed with the love of the Savior
and will know from the very beginning of the love that his/her Birth Parent has for them.


K said...

I am so happy that you guys are looking to add to your family. Your kid(soon to be kids) are so blessed to have you!! Seriously, we love you guys. We'll pray for you.

Lila said...

I LOVE that is says, if you aren't comfortable promoting for one person, "promote adoption in general". I have tried to get that across so many times! that, my friend is why, even though we are trying to adopt again ourselves, I said for you to give me your pass along cards. I do not assume all referrals to me from friends will work for me and i ALWAYS tell referrals that if the birth parent isn't interested in me, there are many other wonderful parents in my agency and throughout the U.S. that are praying for someone to choose them. I am actively trying to convince others to help me promote adoption in general, to not be scared to stand up for it. so thank you for the reminder and encouragement. i'm still telling my clients about you and they are listening. NOW SEND ME THOSE CARDS WOMAN!!! ;)

Diamond Evans said...

that was an awesome post. I know you will find your perfect little one.

disabilitydiva said...

You are in our prayers!!! Yes Yes you will find your new little one!!!
So glad to know you through adoption!!!! HUGS!!

Aaron said...

Love that picture. Best wishes and prayers your way for your family (both present and future).