Saturday, August 29, 2009

We are posing in front of the Temple. The rain passed for just enough time while we took pictures. We are lucky to have a temple so close.

The Heidelberg Project. Pretty fascinating. Read all about it sometime.

One of many installations from the Heidelberg Project.

The place happened to be an ice cream and chocolate shop. So we ALL had a ton of FUN.
Cinderella painted this wonderful rainbow on Lily's face. She wore it for two days, everywhere.
Landon had an orange dog. We think for now it is his favorite color and he can say dog. Some things are simple in this life.
Emerson had a fish.
Snow White made Lily a balloon bunny. In pink, of course.
Thanks to a lady at the GPMC she told us about a fun Princess afternoon at this shop. Oh Lily was impressed. I became the BEST aunt ever.
We were there at 2:00 when the clock tower rang. So fun to watch it.
One of the many cast members from Greenfield Village. Elise was talking on her cell phone and he said I should take her to see the Dr. because she was talking to herself. Really played the part.

Took Landon a bit of time to get used to the idea, but by the end he was very happy.
The kids went on their first carousel ride and the LOVED it. Thanks Elise! We had so much fun.
Emerson loves trains. So the first train we saw we had to get pictures. They are so cute.
We love Greenfield Village and of course we had to bring our family!

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Diamond Evans said...

I am glad they came to visit. They are so cool. At church I am at the university 3rd ward (can you pass this on to President Ellsworth?). I am enrolled in 2 different institute classes. one on Mondays and Wednesdays early mornings and another one on Thursday nights.