Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Make My Own Disasters

Today I corresponded with Mrs. R from the R House blog. She is the coolest lady, and does a TON for adoption. She was telling me how she "makes her own disasters". Boy did that totally resonate with me. I think I should be pricing things for the Yard Sale and not playing on Facebook or watching America's Got Talent. But that all sounds like so much more fun.

3 days and counting until the big Yard Sale.

One last chance for anyone that wants to donate I am taking donations til Thursday.

Shout out to Karen D from the Grosse Pointe Moms Club who donated items today.

I am also now counting down the days, oh that reminds me need to update Landon's chalkboard where we will have a daily countdown until Elise, Lily, and Emerson come to visit. I am so stinking excited family is coming I can hardly stand it. My to do list is long but looks short because it is on my phone. I pray I don't make my own disaster with this.


Lila said...

i can't wait to hear about it!

Diamond Evans said...

repet this with me "there will be no disasters!" and mean it lady. I can not wait to see your family again. They were so much fun!