Sunday, August 09, 2009

Landscaping Changes

So I get to the branch building this morning and find that six more of our bushes were uprooted and spirited away by an enterprizing local landscaper. He was in a hurry and left a big old mess behind. Later Damon and I went upstairs to the security DVR, and Damon found out that the guy had come at around 1:15 in the morning. Grr. Perhaps facilities management might be interested in seeing whether Steve would like to chat with Mr. Gardener-Thief. There's a house on Algonquin St. around the corner that has some suspiciously familiar-looking shrubs. As it is, Nathan Ellsworth can handle it. He was sustained and set apart as our new branch president in church today. He kept Tim Black and Damon Kalcich as counselors, but other changes will come soon. Until then, Hallie and I are looking forward to sleeping in on Sundays again. We would have loved to have today's sun yesterday for the garage sale, but summer has finally arrived in its full muggy, sultry force (90+ degrees with 90+ % humidity--lovely). Air conditioning, so delicious.

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