Saturday, July 04, 2009

Too Many Things and Not Enough Time

Here in pictures and brief descriptions we will let you know what we have been up to.

Hallie's favorite meal of the day is breakfast. So when we are not able to get out for a "regular" date Mike takes her to breakfast. We have a whole list of places we want to eat and visit in our fine state and so this last month we made it to one on the list. The restaurant is called The Breakfast Club. Hallie found out about it on the Internet and figured it is not often you can screw up breakfast. We had a great time! We all enjoyed our food, they had fun books for the kids to look at, and at the end of the meal they brought us each a chocolate covered strawberry. We will definitely go back. The picture above is of Mike and Landon in front of the restaurant.

Landon has found his way into the kitchen utensil drawer. Two of his favorite things to pull out are the metal cup we use to melt butter in on the stove for popcorn and our corn on the cob pics. Interestingly enough both items came from Grandma Landon. He does not know that and since his finding the corn on the cob pics we have hid them in another drawer, as I am sure he would poke someones eye out with them before too long.

.Here is a very nice picture of a portion of our backyard. The flowers are really in full bloom and the grass is so green. It is July 4th and we have not turned the water on the grass yet. The potted plants, now that is a different story we will get to in a minute.

Finally at the beginning of July it was hot enough for Landon to play in his blow up pool. Hallie bought it in May and he has only been able to use it twice. Even today it was too cold for him to use it. Speaking of too cold, Hallie went to Water Aerobics on Thursday and it was only 57 degrees. For once the pool water felt warmer than the outside temperature. Global Warming, HA HA HA!

We can't take credit for the blueberries (Costco can) but the raspberries are ours. I don't know if we can take credit for them either, but Mike sure does know how to pick them well. We will thank some past owner of our little house.

On July 4th we went to Comerica City Fest in the New Center area of Detroit. I think it was once called Food Fest and I can definitely see why. There were LOTS of food vendors. Here you buy tickets for the food and then use your tickets to buy what you want. We like to get the small sized items so we can use our tickets for lots of different items.

The first place we stopped at was the Meijer kids area. Landon found a hula hoop and was not sure what to do with it. In the picture above he was watching a little girl turn with about 6 of them, he was mesmerized.

They had some baby animals on display. Landon was not so sure if he wanted to pet the goats, sheep, cow, or pig. After a little bit he ventured and touched the goat. It sure was cute to watch him become more comfortable with his environment.

Landon did not find it enough to sit and watch Farmer John and his educational farm show he wanted to be a part of the action. Farmer John was not impressed with his active participant. But he did have a cute dog that did fun tricks.

We asked Landon to take a seat and he promptly plopped down right here next to this kid in the front. He is such a character.

Here is the first of 3 pictures of what was my lovely Gerbera Daisies. How they died was a mystery until I talked to the lady at a nursery today. They are not shade plants and we had them in the shade. It was not due to lack of water like one of the Elders in the Branch thought. I think a time or two there may have been too much water. Oh well.

Even the fuscia died. Unfortunately it was not the healthiest plant we had brought home that day. Didn't help they fell out of the ceiling one night.

So, on July 4th with her fingers crossed Hallie made her way to a local nursery called Meldrun & Smith. The ladies who worked there were great! They gave Landon a sucker to occupy him and they still thought he was cute after he threw small rocks at one of the ladies. Here are pictures of the new flowers we hopefully will not kill.

Hallie's grandma, is very sick. She is actually in the very slow process of dying. If you would please send a little prayer her way that Heavenly Father will take her from this we would all appreciate it. We hate to be so far from home and hear that she is suffering. We love her dearly but know that Heavenly Father's plan will work it's magic and she will be back with her loving husband, Ace.

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