Sunday, July 05, 2009

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

I love it when Landon:

  1. Does something funny in sacrament so everyone around him laughs
  2. Holds my portable speakers (I gave it to him to keep him quiet) and then proceeds to make them stop working
  3. When he yells no during a very quiet time at church
  4. Takes a 2 hour + nap
  5. During a missionary lesson with an investigator he throws up his lunch on the couch between the investigator and the missionary
  6. Chucks the missionaries' scriptures on the floor faster than I can stop him
  7. Will sit and watch 20 min of Signing Time so I can load the dishwasher
  8. He tries to make the signs or moves his head along to the music
  9. Dumps the whole bag of goldfish crackers on the bench in church and proceeds to smash them
  10. We tell a realtor he is fine with steps and the next thing we know he is head first down a set of basement stairs
I love this kid but he sure does make every day truly different from the next.

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