Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Change and a Fast Trip

We recently had our family pictures taken at Greenfield Village by a friend who is also adopting here in Michigan. She did a great job and we loved lots of the pictures she took. A lot has changed in a year and we figured our next Birthmom needs to see what we look like now not what we did last year. So you can see the new and the old below.

Here is Hallie's family that came together for her grandmother's funeral. They all went out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel before leaving St. George to go their separate ways.

Below are pictures taken by sweet Lily (she is 4). Hallie wanted to get as many of the family members pictures as possible to put in a book she is doing for Landon so he can get to know our family members that live far away. We think she did a pretty dang good job. (She is pictured below with her Aunt Carly in the house the family rented in St. George.)

Uncle Shad, Aunt Carly, and Cru

Cousin Emerson

Aunt Elise and Uncle Bryce

Uncle Riley and Aunt Breanne
We LOVE all of you! I know grandma would have loved all of us being together and laughing as much as we did!


Stephanie said...

Love the new family picture!

The Michiganders said...

Love the new family picture. You guys make an adorable family!