Monday, July 06, 2009

Cute as a Button

Uncle Riley followed through this weekend by sending Landon his RedWings jersey. Hallie LOVES it! Landon will too. He was game to put it on but Hallie had a hard time getting him to stand still and keep his arms open long enough to take his picture. With all the energy he has ice hockey just may be in his future.

Today we went to the Detroit Zoo with the missionaries. There is a fun set of missionaries serving in our area right now. We left the house and headed straight for 7 - 11. Maybe one day I will get the picture of Landon drinking his own Slurpee off of my phone and onto the blog. He loved it until he started taking the straw out and so that ended the Slurpee fun. Mean Mom. Arrived at the zoo, saw the best of the zoo, we only had 2 hours before they closed and then headed for Noodles & Co. It wasn't Qdoba like Elder Wood wanted but the meals were buy one get one free so they liked that idea and everyone enjoyed their food.

Today we also got a package from Hallie's parents who recently returned from a vacation to Maine. They sent us all sorts of goodies that we were so excited to receive. Thanks! Our fisherman will be happy to be on the keychain and our Souwester will receive a great spot in the house.

We put Landon in an older swimming class today that was held in this really large fountain pool. Mike took him as Hallie had an appointment. When Hallie got home Mike proceeded to tell her how Landon went face first into the water 3 times before the end of the 30 min. I guess the fountain is graduated in depth and Landon thought it was fun to walk into the deeper area. Thank goodness Mike had worn shorts and did not have his shoes on because no one besides Mike saw it happen. He is a trooper and kept going, we will see how he does tomorrow. The class is for 3 & 4 yr olds and he is not yet 2, the other class was too boring for him and they gave no refunds.

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