Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Bit of Something

Lately Landon has been taking the most amazing 3 - 3 1/2 hour naps. Yeah for mom! He sleeps at least 10 hours at night so all we can figure is that he wears himself out during the day with all of his busyness. After his second time of almost drowning in swim class and the lifeguards not aware enough to save him, Hallie decided to end swimming lessons for the season. We gave it a shot and there is always next year or whenever we go to a hotel.

Today though we went on an adventure to Home Depot. Our friend Adrian works at one. Adrian is in our Branch at church. He has been a member only since the end of December and is a very cool dude. When we got there Landon saw Adrian helping with a small forklift and boy was Landon in a trance when he saw that. After Adrian was done doing his job he came and helped us find what we were looking for. We chatted for a bit and then off Landon and Hallie went on the rest of their adventure. They say we are supposed to get storms but we really haven't seen them yet. On our way to Home Depot Landon and Hallie drove by Lake St. Clair and looked at the most beautiful sight. We love driving by the Lake and seeing all of the boats and barges. It may have not even reached 80, today was truly a dream day. Water aerobics is coming to an end next week and Hallie is bummed. She has loved it and the women she swims with are a lot of fun.

Here is Adrian and Landon in the Lumber Dept. being posers for Hallie. They look really amused that she wants to take their picture.

Landon loves a lot of different kinds of food. We are really lucky. We have a tradition in our house to lure the missionaries to do their duty. On transfer day the first set of missionaries to come and introduce themselves to President Owens gets a treat. You don't even have to have had a companion transferred to be in the running. This transfer Hallie made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake and Landon LOVES it. Can you tell by his face? He is watching the movie Cars and having a snack. Which he can kind of say but also signs the word for cracker when he does it. So funny!
Everything he eats as a "snack" has to be in a bowl or a big spoon that he carries around. It cracks me up all of his little quirks. And he is babbling non stop. We laugh so hard at the things he does.

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Ross Family said...

We sure miss that cute little guy!! We miss you guys also:) I love being able to hear about how things are there! Give Landon a hug from the Ross kids!!