Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Most Beautiful Post

Today I read the R House Blog and she shared a great story about a book called the Runaway Bunny. I have never read it and would like to read it based on her recommendation. But the end of her post is what got me. I have copied it here but changed a bit of it to fit us. At the end are some recent photos of Landon. Life has been pretty busy lately and we have not had much time to post.

i will...
dream of you,
long for you,
search for you,
cry tears of joy for you,
sit on the exam room table time after time,
watch your birth mothers' relinquish for you,
be labeled as "difficult" for you,
have my home inspected for you,
endure one waiting period after another for you,
pray for your birth parents for you,
get background checks for you,
get fingerprinted for you,
be interviewed for you,
get medical paperwork done for you,
worry about you,
prepare for you,
hold you,
hire the best attorneys money can buy for you,
endure good and bad caseworkers for you,
be judged for you,
sacrifice everything i have for you,
love you until the end of time...

no matter what,
i will run after you.
for you are my little bunny.

For Father's Day Mike got a new game for the Wii. It is the greatest exercise game called EA Active. Landon thought it was so much fun to try to run on the balance board just like his dad.
A couple of Saturdays ago we went to the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House here in South East Michigan. They were opening a new exhibit and had fun things for kids. We saw a little play about an imaginary car, were able to build our own car out of modeling clay, and we took our picture in front of a car built in 1941. It was a little cool that day but loved the green grass and getting to see the beautiful grounds on which this mansion was built. Mike took the tour of the house while we played.
I know it is hard to see in the picture below but Landon got his first real pair of tennis shoes. They lace up and everything. He even carried the bag from Payless to the car. He also got a great pair of church shoes that picture will come another day. He looks so put together when he has them on.

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