Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Want To Go On Vacation Because Of Them!

We do not have television to watch so we listen to a lot of radio. On the radio I hear commercials for Pure Michigan or . They are wonderful commercials in my opinion as McCann-Erickson does the job of putting me right in the spot where they are talking about. We found out tonight that the voice is Tim Allen (Tool Time was supposedly set in a suburb of Detroit). Hopefully you will enjoy one of my faves!

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Diamond Evans said...

A vacation in Michigan? Good luck. The CNA program is still on my mind. But college is a priority. I feel that if I don't get a feel of college soon I will go nuts. Wednesday I am going to go to WCCCD to take my compass test and talk to an academic advisor. A nurse anestitist doesn't have a 10 hour schedule, they get called in. But for me it will take the same amount of time and if I get tired of doing it I can do a 1 1/2 year program to become a P.A.