Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Big 200

It's taken us since October 2004 to do it, but we've managed to post 200 blog entries (did you know we were keeping track?). I wanted this to be "Detroit Red Wings keep the Stanley Cup," but it was not to be (Congrats, Riley). Oh, well. Moving on. At least I have the Lakers.

Instead, I will tell how Michigan has seen fit to introduce me to a new, unexpected, and unwanted experience: allergies. Love the green, hate the pollen or whatever is wreaking havok on my eyes and sinuses. The last time I felt this bad was as a missionary in Buenos Aires. It gradually occured to me at breakfast as we were chatting and reading Benjamin Franklin: An American Life (no relation to what we were reading--just random free association) that my mission nurse may have misdiagnosed my sinus woes in BsAs as sinusitis rather than nasty allergies. Springtime and fall in Detroit and BsAs share many similar qualities, including a whole whack of plantlife coming into bloom or decaying. I never had allergies growing up, so this is new. Hello, Benadryl, my new best friend.

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