Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We're exactly where we need to be

Our friend Stephanie recently posted a story on her blog about going home for her grandma's funeral. She made the following statement of gratitude for the Lord's hand in her life: "Nothing makes me feel more blessed than seeing how the Lord has blessed me and always gotten me where he wanted me to be." There's something deceptively simple yet profound in the second part of that statement that stuck with me. I have also found that, in spite of my best (worst?) efforts, the Lord always manages to find a way to get me where He wants me to be (Cripes! It's as if He knew my life's path or something). I find it strangely comforting to know that in spite of any regrets I may have for decisions I have made, He's already anticipated my choices and their consequences, and He's moved on. "Pick yourself up, kid. I've got you covered. On to plan B (or C, or Z). I'll get you where I need you to be." Take Joseph Smith: "OK, so you lost those 116 pages. Yes, it is a big deal. Yes, you should feel bad about it. Fortunately for you, I had Mormon throw in this other bit, so things will work out. Now, let's move on." A related bit of wisdom comes from Meet the Robinsons (which is a great adoption story, by the way): "Keep moving forward." When I have those times when I'm feeling down and reflecting upon where and what I might have been, I take comfort in remembering I am where I am now because of the good graces of a kind God who wants me to look back with gratitude and forward with hope as I resolve in the present to make the most of what is here and now.


Stephanie said...

I loved your post. That simple truth has hit me hard recently especially how the Lord has sent certain people into my life who have guided me in getting to where the Lord wanted me. Mike was one of those people. Mike, Aaron, and Ryan were probably the main reasons why I decided to serve a mission. They were my motivation to work hard on the mission. I just wanted to be 1/2 the missionary they all had been!

Bettina said...

Thanks for that.