Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I Have No Idea...

what to title this blog. It is all random but that is what our life is like sometimes. So I will describe the pictures which in turn will tell you about our random life.

The Gerbera Daisies were bought at Randazzo's Nursery. They were so colorful and pretty and remind me of my sister Carly. This is also Hallie's extent of gardening. Mike on the hand will get his hands dirty. So... let's hope the sky does not come down on us anytime soon because I will not be able to feed my family.

Landon got haircut number 5 today from Bill the Barber. He was very good the whole time. I have to admit now I like it neat and trim. Grandpa and Grandma O gave him this little train for Christmas and Landon just realized this last week he can ride it. So this evening when the sun peeked through the clouds we took him outside to ride on it and he loved it. That was until he thought it was time to dart across the street to see the neighbor. This kid was nearly all the way across the street before I could get him. I need an invisible fence!
Below are some of the great flowers and foliage you can find in our front and back yard. The folks who lived here before us did a great job of planting stuff that comes up year after year with relatively little maintenance. I thanked her the other day when I ran into her at Trader Joe's. It sure makes our house that backs up into an alley like a little oasis.

Today was the day we got our new dishwasher. Yee Haw! Hallie was so dang excited. These pictures are backwards. Here is the new dishwasher all installed and ready to get dirty.
Landon LOVED watching the man install it. Whenever the man would go to his truck to get something Landon ran after him would wait by the door until he came back and then followed him again to the kitchen.
Here is the gaping hole under the counter. We found a few things inside. A little insight into the past.
The new little baby on it's way. It will have to do until we get a real baby.
A fond farewell. We were excited to have a dishwasher after living 6 years in Utah without one. Except for the rust spots it left on our dishes it did us well for the last two years. Good bye dishwasher.


The Michiganders said...

Landon looks adorable in his new haircut! Looks like you have been busy!

I was so excited to get ad ishwasher after we lived in our house 2 years--funny thing--we bought the exact same Maytag as you did.


Diamond Evans said...

I didn't know you guys like flowers as much as you do. I like flowers but I couldn't tell you the name of a single one.

carly said...

love the gerber daisies! and landon's hair cut looks very nice. and i'm very jealous of your dishwasher. not so much right now, but in about 3 months i'll be hating yoU!