Sunday, February 05, 2017

Cookies, Cake, and Assorted Junk Food

Quick post this week, as we neither took many pictures nor did much beyond the routine (that we can recall). We did have cookies and cake, both thanks to Eliza! And Hallie, too, if you count the cookies Mike made for the LuLaRoe party she co-hosted.

Our neighbor Dave surprised the kids with glazed and finished pottery tiles that they had started with him all the way back in October 2015. Where’d the time go?

Hallie and her friend Carrie co-hosted a LuLaRoe party Friday night. The ladies all enjoyed playing dress-up, and Hallie got some new threads out of it!

Mike baked his variant on Anna Ellsworth’s amazing molasses cookies, and of course they were a hit. Who knew something so simple could make so many people so happy?

Mike and the kids watched Babe for pizza and a movie night upstairs cuddled up in bed with the laptop. At first the kids weren’t so keen on Dad’s choice, but they got drawn in soon enough. Landon commented on how good the movie made him feel inside, and that he was glad they’d watched it.

Between pizza, jelly beans, and cookies, Landon got pukey in the middle of the night. He made a royal mess all over his covers, the side of the bed, the floor, his clothes. Gag. Not for the faint of heart.

Saturday morning, Mike took Eliza to gymnastics and watched her for a while, and Hallie and Landon mostly stayed home. Mike took the long way back and enjoyed a scenic country drive along the back roads among the rolling emerald hills. Ventura County in February is his favorite!
Thanks to Ken Lund for picture! 

It’s that special time of year for another reason too: Girl Scout Cookies are here! Eliza received her very first batch of Girl Scout cookies on Saturday, and she’d love your support.

Hallie represented our family in support of a couple of girls in Primary who were baptized Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday after church we went to the Maygrens’ to eat some savory junk food, have some birthday cake, and watch some funny commercials on TV. Oh, yeah. And there was this ball game on that turned into a real thing in the fourth quarter. Good times! 

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