Sunday, February 12, 2017

Milestones for the Girls

Mom had a follow-up appointment at her bariatric doctor and is making great progress! We also celebrated Eliza’s birthday! Yay for milestones!! Eliza is still selling Girl Scout cookies, Yum-O!

On Monday, Hallie went to see Dr. Billy, and she has continued to reach her weight loss targets. By the end of the week, she was within 0.3 pounds of her ultimate 100 pound target. The kids did their regular routine of school and gymnastics.

Tuesday seems to have been a pretty boring day as we look back at the calendar. The kids had school, Mom worked at the school, and then Landon had gymnastics.

Hallie loves Mondays and Wednesdays as those days she has most of the day off. She spent a bit of time picking up the meat out of the back of big rig (Zaycon Fresh Foods). Seeing she was good on time, Hallie ran into Costco for some essentials to vacuum pack the meat and then headed to our friend’s house to drop off her portion of meat. A few minutes later Hallie picked up Eliza, then there was lunch, crossing guard, getting Landon out of school, and finally gymnastics for Eliza. Because there was no practice on her birthday, Eliza shared cupcakes with her teammates and friends. Landon finished off the night with Cub Scouts.

Eliza turned six on Thursday and had the chance to video chat with Zoraida in the morning. Later on, Dad brought some cupcakes Mom had ordered to Eliza’s classroom to share with her classmates. She wanted ladybug cupcakes especially because she knows how much Zoraida likes ladybugs. The cupcakes were a big hit with her friends, and Mom scored big points with green frosting that ended up all over the face and hands of the cute little 6- and 7-year-olds.

Party time on the playground!

After school Eliza went with her friend Ellie and her mom to the tide pools at Leo Carrillo Beach where they learned and played with the other Girl Scouts.

Right after Eliza got home, Mom and Eliza headed to Sky High in Camarillo where we met up with Aunt Carly, Uncle Shad, Cru, Sawyer, Finnley, Uncle Bryce, and Marty. What a great way to end a birthday! Mike and Landon returned home from gymnastics shortly after the girls returned home. Phew! A long day.

The kids had the day off from school on Friday, and Grandma and Grandpa and Alie O. came over for a fancy steak lunch. Alie loves following and playing with Landon and Eliza. We had a great time with everyone and we are so glad we can spend these special occasions with family.

After lunch Hallie and Eliza went to pick up more Girl Scout cookies to deliver to those who had already ordered from Eliza. While at the school, a teacher approached Eliza asking her for her favorite number between 1 and 5. She wisely said 5 and with no change on him Mr. Pryor bought 6 boxes of Girl Scout cookies from Eliza. Wah hoo!

Hallie has started mentoring a young lady on her weight loss journey. What an exciting adventure for both of these women! Much success to the teacher and the pupil.

Later on in the evening we met up with Grandpa and Grandma M., Uncle Bryce, Uncle Shad, Aunt Carly, Cru, Sawyer, and Finnley for dinner at Baja Fresh. The kids did a pretty good job eating out, and then we all headed to our house to spend some more family time. This was the last time we would see Uncle Bryce for a while, but he finally got to return home to his family in Alaska Saturday morning. Hallie loved spending time with her little big brother and is grateful she got to see him as much as she did.

Saturday started with Hallie taking Landon to gymnastics, Eliza did not have practice as several girls had a meet, and all of the girl’s coaches attended the meet. So Eliza and Hallie ran to Target and then home to play with some birthday presents.

The girls headed back up the hill to pick up Landon several hours later and then met Mike, who had been working, for lunch. Mike then took the kids back to CLU where they hung out with him while he had to work and do a short presentation. Again the kids were well behaved. Wah hoo!

Hallie headed over to Kasea’s to get her haircut and colored, where she always enjoys the final product but really loves the time she spends with Kasea. Hallie is in the process of growing out her hair, so not much was cut but the color definitely departed from where it was before she stepped into the salon.

Sunday was pretty much like most Sundays with Hallie teaching Primary and Mike attending to his Sunday School duties. Hallie had fun at choir practice!

In the afternoon our home teacher came, and we are grateful for him and his diligence. This month he stepped up his game and brought an activity for our very active kids. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Eliza’s birthday Legos and spending time together as a family. Mike caught the kids being creative when they thought they were alone. Eliza rocked out with her broom guitar on the patio table, while Landon improvised some mods for his Ninjago robot. 
"Born to be wiiiiiild!"

"Hmmm. Rifle or giant fist?"

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