Sunday, February 26, 2017

Making International Flying Gymnastic Empanadas

Couldn't come up with a clever title to bring this week together, so you get a hodge-podge for a title. Enjoy!

We had Monday off from school for Presidents Day. The kids still had gymnastics in the afternoon. Hallie for a while was the only parent in attendance, and she cheered on all the gymnasts and loved every minute of it. Landon eats up any “day off” he can have where he doesn’t have to go somewhere right away in the morning. Monday was his favorite day of the week.

Tuesday was our Monday. In the morning Hallie did a whole lot of PTA items before she started yard duty. Most of her job was moving lunch tables from one building to another. Yeah for exercising! After helping out some at school, Mike took a long lunch and watched the LEGO Batman movie.

We had a busy Wednesday. Eliza had gymnastics in the late afternoon and Mike had some work to do and he let Landon tag along. The Cubs had their Blue and Gold Dinner, and Las Posas had its Makers Faire on the same night. Hallie baked a German Chocolate Cake and made corned beef as our contribution to the Blue and Gold Dinner’s international theme. In addition, the Bear Scouts were responsible for post-dinner games. Mike and Landon had the kids who came to our booth make paper airplanes to fly at hula hoop targets.

While the boys did their target practice, the girls went to the Maker Faire and then on to Yogurtland to support the school in a fundraiser. Several of our friends were there, and Eliza had a blast running around with all of her friends.

After school on Thursday, Mike took Eliza to the eye doctor to see if her complaints about needing to sit near the TV were valid. She does have a little astigmatism, enough to warrant occasional-wear glasses. Hallie is all set to give Eliza a fashion forward look! Everyone met up together at Landon’s gymnastics practice after the eye appointment.

Mike helped out at the kids’ classes on Friday morning before heading for work. He taught class tonight, and he enjoys his students’ enthusiasm for program evaluation, which can be a dry topic. While Mike was working Hallie and the kids headed to a Lularoe party at our friend Debbie’s house. Hallie bought a smashing dress and promises to show you all a picture soon. The kids loved all of the treats Debbie had out and can’t wait to come back to wash Debbie’s cute dog.

Saturday was quite busy for us all (well, maybe not so much for Mike). Hallie took both kids to gymnastics in the morning, and then after coming home, she took Eliza to Vons to sell Girl Scout cookies. Meanwhile, Mike took Landon to a birthday party for a school friend. After the girls finished their work, they picked up Landon, and then we drove back out to Newbury Park for a meal at MOD Pizza with cousins, Aunt Carly, and Grands. We ended the evening with a birthday party for our friend John at Jen and Craig’s house with grown up and kid friends and fudgy brownies, ice cream, and lively discussions about topics ranging from the LEGO Batman Movie to animation to Stranger Things to the BYU Honor Code. Good times!

Landon had a gymnastics tournament in Van Nuys Sunday morning, so he and Hallie headed out early, and then Mike and Eliza caught up later. He did quite well for himself, improving on his performance on the mushroom apparatus. Hallie and Landon listen to what they call “Pumping Up” music on their way to get Landon in the right mindset. We saw Eliza’s coach and her family who has a son on the team and our friends who switched gyms. These boys are amazing at what they do, and we are so impressed with their hard work and dedication. Eliza spent time filming Landon and his teammates. In the fall we hope Landon will return the favor to Eliza and will start filming her when her season starts.

After the tournament, we made a quick stop at Mercado Buenos Aires for milanesa, choripan and Cuban sandwiches along with empanadas for later. Mike restrained himself from buying alfajores and yerba mate, as he has found he can get what he wants for a decent price elsewhere. Wow! Everything we have tried so far was very yummy!

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