Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sweets for Our Sweethearts

A day off from school, class parties for Valentine’s Day, and separate parent-child dates count among the sweet treats we enjoyed this week.

The kids had Monday off to celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday. Mike had some CLU meetings, and the kids got to play with Shelby (a fun new babysitter from church) so mom could go to an appointment. Gymnastics was in the late afternoon. Hallie worked into the late evening finishing things for the class parties the next day. Somehow we got so busy doing the party games that we forgot to take pictures. We did see this gem in Eliza's class though:
Aww! She does care! 

Spring has blossomed here, and many of the flowers we would see come into bloom back east are showing themselves off now. 

Valentine’s Day brought sweet success for Hallie, who hit her goal of 100 pounds eliminated. Whenever there are class parties the day seems to be very long, and this Valentine’s Day did not seem to be any different. Hallie worked at the school, Mike and Hallie helped do Eliza’s class party, Hallie worked a bit, and Mike left for work, missing Landon’s class party. After lunch Hallie did Landon’s class party, and then the kids finished the afternoon with Hallie doing crossing guard duty. Eliza had a make-up gymnastics class today, so that meant both kids were in gymnastics today. Mike realized that we had babysitting for a date covered by gymnastics, and so the two adults headed out for a late afternoon bite to eat. Yum!

Wednesday was the 100th day of school! Before school started, one of the teachers said, “I thought of you today Hallie.” “Oh?” “You have lost 100 pounds, and it is the 100th day of school.” So when Landon’s teacher drove in the parking lot, Hallie mentioned it to her, and the next thing you know Hallie was invited to put on a presentation in Landon’s class about losing her weight. The kids were great and asked questions, and it was a good first experience for Hallie. Straight after her presentation Hallie went out to lunch with her friend Debbie from church. Debbie is fun and easy to talk to and brings happiness to those she is around—what a great friend Debbie is to Hallie! Work, gymnastics, and Scouts finished up our day.

Mike went from functional during the day to dragging in the evening for the remainder of the week starting Wednesday night going into Thursday morning. He woke up (or rather, having not really slept, he got up) bright and early at 4:30 a.m. so he could help clean at the temple. He carpooled down with some friends from the ward. This massive mid-20th-Century structure appeared Gothic in the early morning fog when we got there.

He and his fellow cleaners cleaned and moved chairs and tables in the cafeteria dining room (you would not believe how much gum was stuck to the bottom of the tables!). They then became thoroughly acquainted with the stairs upon stairs upon stairs that comprise the stairwells stretching from the tippy top of the temple down to its basement, sweeping their walls and floors before mopping or vacuuming. You appreciate just how big and complex the LA Temple is as a physical plant doing that kind of work there. Lots of stacked chairs and several steps later, Mike came back home to a delicious warm shower and a nap.

Hallie took the kids to school early with Mike gone before everyone woke up; this was a practice for when he will be gone in March to New Zealand. It went rather well, and the kids got up on their own before the alarms and were ready to go when needed. Phew!!! Mike was able to watch Eliza in the evening while Hallie took Landon to gymnastics. Grandpa and Grandma M. met Hallie at gymnastics for a few minutes to say hi and to give Eliza her birthday card.

Friday makes us tired just thinking back to it. Yikes! The heavens opened today and did not stop raining all day. Hallie did crossing guard in the morning then had an appointment and went back to do yard duty. Mike chose not to spread his sick cooties to the students at Las Posas and then went up to CLU later. Good thing he did, as the downpour had made its way into his office through a fairly significant leak. He had this sort of thing happen at his office at Wayne State too. Flat rooves and heavy rain don't mix too well. 

Right after school got out Hallie, Landon, and Eliza helped with decorating and preparing the gym for the Daddy’s Sweetheart dance that was going to be held later that evening.

At about 3:45 Hallie and Eliza ran home to get the little nugget ready for the dance, and then they ran to Oxnard to Chick-fil-A to pick up the little sandwiches that were being served. Hallie got back to the school with about 15 minutes before the dance was to start. Things came together quickly, and Mike showed up from work to be Eliza’s date. 

Hallie left with Landon and Anthony (our PTA president’s son) to go and get dinner and to watch the LEGO Batman movie. Everyone had long active day, and it was great that everyone turned in early and had a good night’s sleep.

Saturday morning gymnastics practice came early for Landon. Eliza stayed home with Dad as she wasn’t feeling so hot and may have picked up Dad’s cooties. Hallie spent time watching Landon and running a few errands while up in Newbury Park. After coming home a bit of chores were done and the kids played outside with our neighbor.

Hallie picked up her friend Becky from the airport, and they ventured to Tito’s Tacos in Culver City. They can say they have been there, and may not go again, but it was fun getting to know each other more and taking Becky around parts of LA. (P.S., Hallie had never met Becky in person until Saturday night.)

Sunday was another day of busyness. Mike had his ward council meeting, and after he got home Hallie and Landon went to church early to practice with the choir before Sacrament. Mike and Eliza stayed home with their cooties. Hallie taught Primary then dropped Landon off at home before she had to pick up something from a local mom. Hallie picked up Debbie for ward choir where we had lots of fun singing, talking about attending the upcoming Time Out for Women and looking at prom dresses for our cute friend Shelby. Hallie turned in Girl Scout Cookie money and picked up more cookies for our neighbor to deliver to her coworkers. Thank you, Naomi, for taking the order sheet to work!

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