Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fun Run and Not-So-Fun Peeling

This week the kids continued with ApexFunRun and the changes in weather caused the paint to fail on the Momobile.

We traded rain for wind and wind for warmth this week. Early in the week, Mike actually saw snow on the Topatopa Mountains to the north.
Thanks to Tereska for the pic! 

Mike and Hallie celebrated our 18th anniversary on Monday with breakfast take out from Waypoint Café. Eliza stayed home with a fever, so it put a bit of a cramp in our day. The day finished off with Mike working and Landon having gymnastics; Eliza stayed home with Mom to rest.

Tuesday was a lot the same, which included Hallie working out at 3 Elements while Mike kept an eye on Eliza. Hallie has really enjoyed working out, but boy does functional fitness really do a number on your body! Hallie says she is sore for several days after. No pain, no gain!

Here's a random pic of the cutie pie with her fedora.

On Wednesday Hallie ventured to a doctor’s appointment in Woodland Hills with a new bariatric doctor. The appointment was very successful by way of the doctor telling Hallie she can now start maintain weight if she would like and commented she has been quite successful. How exciting to hear after one year of hard worked Hallie has accomplished her goal! Hallie is three pounds shy of the 100-pound mark and hopes to get to that point in the next few months. Gymnastics ended our day.

The kids had their fundraising run with Apex on Thursday. Both kids made it around the 1/16 mile track more than 36 times (over two miles!), so they slept very well that night! 

Hallie even ran 19 laps while running with all of the grades; she had a lot of fun and got 14,000 steps by the end of the day, so no working out at 3 Elements tonight. Landon worked out at gymnastics for a bit less time than usual because he ripped open a blister under a callous in his palm that would not stop bleeding. Good thing Mike and Eliza were already on their way to go and get him. Hallie made a taco soup for dinner based on a recipe from Aunt Carly. Everyone loved the soup including the family we shared it with the next day.  

The wind picked up on Friday, so the day started off chilly. The kids had both a lockdown and a fire drill in the morning during the time Mike volunteered in Eliza’s class. Kind of surreal to be there with the kids contemplating the kinds of situations that would lead to a lockdown. The afternoon was relaxing with nothing to do, and in the evening Eliza went and hung out at Victory Nite while Mike worked with some doctoral students and Mom and Landon watched TV at home.  

Saturday was a bit busier than most. Mike took the kids to gymnastics, and Hallie headed to Ventura to hear Kathy Headlee Miner from Mother’s Without Borders speak. Timely considering the current refugee controversy.

Meanwhile, Mike came back home to give the Momobile a little TLC. The combination of elements has finally caused the car’s 21-year-old paint job to fail. It started with paint bubbling once the rain started in late December and early January. Monday night Mike noticed that paint flakes actually had started coming off the roof, and by Friday the wind had sheets of paint off in chunks that flew right off the car. Now paint is coming off in multiple places, and getting a paint job would cost close to what we paid for the car, so he opted to do essentially enough to keep the roof from rusting: white primer and a clear coat. Of course it doesn’t match, and yes, it looks terrible. But it has low miles, the interior is in good shape, and the tape deck works (even if the radio antenna won’t lower). Poor little hooptie ride! L

(No pictures have been/will be taken of the fix-it job. It's just too sad.)

Everyone joined back together around 1:30, just for Mike to leave again for a bit more work. Hallie is having a Lularoe party at the house this coming Friday, so we started sprucing up the place a bit so we can have a fun time.

We started 9:00 a.m. church this year, and it is hard to get us all going on Sunday mornings. We made it in time for church, and it was a nice service. Hallie had planned a movie for her kids about Joseph Smith and the Restoration which ended up being perfect because at the last minute three young women showed up to teach Hallie’s lesson so Hallie and the other adults could all meet together for the third hour. Mike was happy that he got to sit with Hallie for once. Wah hoo for movies and fifth Sunday meetings!!!!

After church Hallie and Eliza went to choir and the boys went on a drive through the hills and along the 118 in Somis. Now that the Santa Anas have run their course, we've settled into a warm spell. Today hit 75 degrees! We as a family have been watching a fun show called Just Add Magic, and we spent some time watching a few episodes together in the evening.

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