Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bubble Gum and Mr. Handstand

Eliza brought home a new furry friend from her classmate’s birthday party, and Landon had his first real gymnastics meet. Thanks to Google Photos Assistant, we discovered that exactly 6 years ago to the day Landon had his introduction to gymnastics. Fun stuff!

Eliza’s friend from school Ellie celebrated her sixth birthday at Build-a-Bear Workshop, and Ellie and Eliza each got a new companion to take home. Eliza’s new friend, a horse currently named Bubble Gum (subject to change), comes complete with a hat, saddle, bridle, and blanket along with a lavender scent sachet and the Star Wars theme song that plays whenever its hoof is pressed. Thanks Marina, Mark, and Ellie for the generous gift and fun time!

Fundraisers from ApexFunRun came to school this week and taught the students about leadership while getting them motivated to be active and help raise funds for Las Posas School. This is a two-week-long school fundraiser, and we are doing really well as a school. Mom even danced a bit at the kick off.

We received an unusually high amount of rain throughout the week, resulting in some flooding at school and slick road conditions. Almost feels like a Michigan spring! We even turned on the gas fireplace to cut through the chill on Sunday. Hallie is happy to have her new bright blue rain boots to keep her feet dry.

Landon had some jitters the night before his gymnastics tournament, but after a blessing and a good night’s sleep, he was all set the following morning to get out there and have fun! He did very well at his tournament. In our region, Level 4 gymnasts are awarded by colors that match a score range, with green ribbons awarded for the highest achievement. Landon earned green ribbons in five of his six events with an orange ribbon for the mushroom (pommel). We found out today that the mushroom is his favorite event, and so he was a bit bummed with a lower score, but hey, practice makes perfect. Landon also won Mr. Handstand for his level and age range. He will defend his title in April at the State Meet in Carlsbad. Unfortunately we have no video of Mr. Handstand because at home Landon doesn’t normally hold the handstand for long so we were all quite surprised by his win. Go, bud!!! Many thanks to grandparents, cousins, and Aunt Carly for coming out to offer their support!

Not a whole lot else to report, so enjoy the photos!

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