Sunday, April 06, 2014

No Foolin'. It's Time to Get Outdoors!

We’re a quarter of the way through the year already. Yikes! In many respects, this week was full of the regular ordinary routines that govern our daily lives. We did have General Conference as the week’s highlight.
Happy Spring!

Monday, March 31 – Hallie ran the carpool for Eliza and Rocco, took Landon to school, and then went to the gym before picking up Eliza and Rocco again. Phew! Landon’s school has a Positive Behavior System, and if you get no red cards in a month then you get to go to a special assembly type of thing. Last month, Landon was able to go, but we chose not to have him go this month. The school chose to show a movie that was inappropriate for Landon’s age, and after a long winter this boy had watched way too many movies at school. So, we decided to pull him out of school early and to hang out as a family. Today happened to be Opening Day of baseball, and it is kind of a big deal here in Detroit. Landon, Mike, and Eliza rode bikes in the alley before Landon and Hallie got ingredients for root beer floats and listened to the game on the radio. Our Tigers pulled off a win. Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, April 1, was Gabrielle’s turn to drive, and Hallie was excited for that. Recently she tallied that taking Eliza to school and back is 80 minutes per day in the car. So it was a pajama day for the most part for Hallie until she realized Eliza had her little P.E. class in the afternoon. It is a good thing she remembered.

Not long after P.E. it was time to pick up Landon. Landon tried his hand at pulling April Fool’s Day pranks by pretending he had gotten in trouble at school. He was so cute about it and couldn’t keep himself from yelling out “April Fool!” before anyone could react.

On Wednesday, April 2, the weather finally improved enough for Mike and Landon to bike down to school. Mike came down with whatever bug is going around (maybe that’s what Landon had on Sunday). Fortunately for him, all it meant was three days of intense heartburn. Hallie came down with something similar a couple of days later. Mike took Eliza on the kangaroo seat to pick up Landon for their ride home. Both kids are definitely thrilled to be back in the saddle, so to speak.

Landon had gymnastics and has really enjoyed it. Adding an extra 3 hours a week hasn’t seemed to faze him.

When they got home, the neighbor kids were out playing, so our kids went out and played too. Everything went great until Landon slipped and fell, scraping his knee a little bit. In his words, it went from "the best day ever to the dark world."

Thursday, April 3, returned to cold and wet weather. Hallie did carpool, Mike walked Landon to school (like most days), and then Hallie and Eliza later on took Mike took work. After Landon was out of school, the Three Amigos picked up Mike early from work because he was feeling ill.

Friday, April 4, started off a bit calm then ended up a bit busy. We sold a desk we have had been trying to part with a while and continued our consolidation/spring cleaning. Hallie drove a super long way for a Thirty-One meeting and then ended the night babysitting for the neighbors.

Saturday, April 5 – We spent most of the day watching General Conference, and it was great!!!! In the morning Landon had gymnastics and with modern technology Hallie was able to watch conference while waiting for Landon and then listen to it on the way home on the radio. President Eyring asked why we were watching conference, and Landon said so he could get to Heaven. We are not sure where he learned that from, but if it keeps him listening, then keep thinking that way, son. Landon has hit a bit of a growth spurt and most of his jeans don’t fit him anymore, so the last two Saturdays, Landon has been a sport and has gone Mom 2 Mom sale shopping with Hallie looking for some new clothes. They haven’t been so successful.

Sunday, April 6 – More General Conference. We watched the earlier session from home and the later session at church. Unlike Landon, Eliza is still too young to sit still, so we hope something about the experience of being there eventually sinks in for her like it seems to have for Landon. All in good time.

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