Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Break Outings and Tenure News

The kids had spring break from school this week. We stayed close to home, but we did manage to get out of the house for outings at some of our favorite local places. Mike also received word on his tenure bid at the university. 

Monday, April 21 – The kids got up bright and early on Monday, ready for the week's adventures. We opened the windows upstairs to bring in fresh air and light, much to the delight of both the girl and the kitty. 

Greenfield Village has opened up for the year, so we headed over to enjoy the new playground and watch the Liberty Craftworks artisans.

Firing up this year's batch of glass Christmas ornaments

After we got home, the kids went out to hunt for Easter eggs, and when they came back inside, they found that the Easter Bunny had left them baskets of goodies.

He decided that eating a whole Cadbury Creme Egg in one bite would be just fine.

Fergus found the ninja wall crawlers especially entertaining.  

Tuesday, April 22 – In the morning, Mike and the kids rode bikes in the alley. 

Mike went up to work and ran a couple of college-related errands off campus. He should have stayed on campus, because his dean was looking for him. His secretary contacted him, and he called up the dean, who had some great news for him. He earned tenure!!!! No more assistant professor for our Mike. He’s an associate professor from now on!         

Wednesday, April 23 – The children are picking flowers from the garden rather than leaving them be.

Mike’s college had its annual spring luncheon at the Detroit Historical Museum. Mike served as emcee. We had fun socializing together. Afterwards, Mike took advantage of the opportunity to explore the exhibits.

Apparently people have been trying to get people not to leave home for the wilds of Michigan for a good long time.  

A map of the Metro Detroit Prohibition-era blind pigs (speakeasies) 

"We hope for better things. It will rise from the ashes."

He got home in time to look after Eliza while Hallie and Landon went to his gymnastics class. After gymnastics, Landon showed off his art skills by drawing a ninja scene: 

Thursday, April 24 – Today Mike’s university had several kid-friendly activities for Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day. But before they went to Mike’s work, the kids had their half-yearly dental checkups. Eliza has a hard time going to the dentist, so we prepared by watching a couple of short videos about going to the dentist. Once we got there, Landon was a regular trooper and a great role model for Eliza while she slowly melted the longer she waited in the chair. Mike helped hold her, and she bravely put up with Dr. Harvey’s inspection. Both kids passed with healthy teeth.

From the dentist, we headed on to the university. While there, we saw a planetarium show at Old Main, the kids climbed a rock wall and played soccer at the Harris Fitness Center, and we indulged in a buffet at the Towers Café.

Mike had advising meetings with students in the afternoon, so Hallie and Eliza drove home and Landon stayed on campus so he could ride the bus home with Mike. After his meetings, Mike took Landon to the main branch of the Detroit Public Library across the street from the bus stop so they could check out the interior murals on the third floor. This city has so much historical beauty hidden in plain sight.

After our outing, Landon drew a picture of his favorite part: 
He captured lots of details of the rock wall, including overhangs, ropes, windows, and carpet squares. Impressive!  

Friday, April 25 – It rained overnight, and we spent most of the day indoors cleaning. Hallie ran some errands by herself (yes!) in the morning and then we worked some more on the spring cleaning and consolidation of all this stuff we have accumulated since moving to Michigan.
Eliza had to give her Caribbean skirt a shimmy.

Saturday, April 26 – Landon woke up with a sore throat, but he still managed to get out to gymnastics. Hallie took him on some errands afterwards. Mike and Eliza held down the fort. Whatever illness he might have had seemed to go away and not return. We spent a rare Saturday afternoon doing odd jobs around the house. Mike fixed the downstairs toilet, Hallie organized the master bedroom, and the kids played together by themselves. While they can get loud, we do enjoy hearing them entertain each other rather than bicker.
Judging by Fergus's expression, he really wanted to be held. 

All fixed! 

Sunday, April 27 – The sun has come out and graced us with bright views of nature’s beauty. The kids decided they wanted to go for a swing before church.

We should probably consider moving the swing to another doorway, lest one of the kids accidentally fly out the landing window.

Speaking of dangerous activities, Eliza likes to take it upon herself to go out front without letting anyone know. Usually she just stays on the porch, but twice now she has decided to go all the way to the sidewalk. While Hallie was getting ready for church, off the girl went. Fortunately, nothing happened, but it’s still scary. Anyway, it's back to the old school grind tomorrow!  

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