Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Greetings

Happy Easter! Because of Him, we look forward to being together forever as a family with our loved ones who have passed on. This week saw improved weather. Mike got sick but managed to avoid spreading the love. We got outside as much as possible, even when a little sogginess threatened the fun. 

Landon learned about recycling and looking after the environment this week as part of his science lessons in school. On Monday, he went to school with a bunch of items destined for the recycling center and came home with a handmade glider that actually flies! We went out back to test it out and enjoy the relative warmth.

Fergus must have known Mike was going to be sick on Monday night, because he cuddled up to him before bedtime. 

Hallie had made a lovely dinner that Mike did not keep down and Landon won’t eat since he is now a vegetarian, so Eliza and Hallie ate a lot of chicken all week long.

Early the following morning, Mike was sick and was sent into quarantine in Mom and Dad’s room. While he didn’t get sick again after the morning, he didn’t feel right until Saturday morning. Hallie had a routine doctor appointment, and all is well. On the way home, Hallie ran errands. She has to admit that she enjoys it when she doesn’t have two kids in tow.

Tax day brought snow, again. Three inches worth, so we broke the all-time record for winter snowfall in southeast Michigan. We had to pull out the snow clothes out of the bags we had packed them in for next year. It didn’t last the day, though. In the afternoon Eliza attended her Pipsqueak P.E. class where they learned golf and hockey. The kids had so much fun!

On Wednesday afternoon while Landon was at gymnastics, Mike took Eliza on an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Mike was not feeling well enough to take her to our park’s egg hunt. Eliza was thrilled with collecting empty eggs and exchanging them for some jelly beans in the end.  

Mike made it up to work on Thursday. Hallie thought it was a good idea to take the two kids and go to Target to get some deals on pajamas for Landon. In the end she got some good deals, but the time it took at the cash register was something she would not like to repeat again. The kids did not like sitting in the cart for 15 minutes while Mom tried to haggle with the cashier to get a bargain.

The kids had the day off from school for Good Friday. Even though we got rain in the morning, we ventured out to the Wolcott Mill Metropark Farm Center to make friends with the farm animal babies. Landon’s experience getting up close and personal with the calves and chicks confirmed his stance as an emerging vegetarian. Landon (who does not show a lot of emotion when he is excited) said, “This is a very fun place!” We went on a tractor ride, and there was a nice play area. The park is a definite must-see if you live in Metro Detroit.
Made a stop at the wrong place before figuring out where the farm was.

Yup! We found it.

Learning all about the versatile cow

Meeting Clover, born March 17

Mike took Eliza to the Primary activity at the church while Hallie took Landon to gymnastics. She wasn't too thrilled to be there when it started, but she got into the spirit of things.

Once she had her candy, though, she physically pulled Mike to the car, saying "We go home, now!" All right, then. Later, they met up and went out to lunch and a movie (Rio 2). The AMC theater had giant red leather electric recliners. They were so comfy that Mike fell asleep partway into the movie, at least until Eliza bounded onto his lap. The whole family was excited and overwhelmed at this very nice movie theater. The kids had to play with the chairs for a bit before the novelty wore off. Thank you, Hopkins Family, for the Christmas gift card!

On Sunday, we had more mommy/son and daddy/daughter time after church. Hallie got tickets to the Tigers/Angels game from Sara, so she and Landon took advantage. After living here for nearly seven years Hallie believes she has become a fan of baseball. Landon says he likes to go, but only once has he sat through a whole game, and today was not that day. Hallie would have loved to stay the whole time as the weather was PERFECT! As you can see in the pictures, they had a lot of fun as Sunday is family day at the ballpark. The carousel and face painting were free, and Landon scored a free bat too for just being a kid. The Tigers won, and we are a happy family.

Meanwhile, Mike and Eliza took some time walking barefoot in the grass and admiring how nature’s beauty has finally sprouted in the backyard.  

After Landon and Hallie got home, we took time to finish our spring cleaning in the kids’ rooms. Before we knew it, the bell down at St. Ambrose struck 7:00, and it was time for Eliza to go to bed. She fell asleep quickly, which allowed time for Mike and Landon to dye eggs. Landon said, “I never knew dyeing eggs would be so fun!” Landon loves the science part of dyeing the eggs. Mike likes the science, but he appreciates the aesthetic side of the process even more. Next time they do this they want to write notes about the experiments.

Landon discovered the special features on the camera phone and decided to get scary.

Effective. Ooooh! 

The Easter Bunny is coming tomorrow after Mom goes to get some candy in the morning. Thank heavens the kids are still are young enough just to be excited for the candy!

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