Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rounding the Corner

In spite of the snow early in the week and cold temps midway through, there is no doubt that we have rounded a corner, and spring has finally come to our part of the world. We have taken the change of season as a chance to purge the house of things we no longer use or no longer plan to use. While we have not yet managed to sell off or give away everything we want to, we’re on our way to a streamlined home.

Monday, March 24 – Snow flurries?! Seriously?! Actually, we’re neither surprised nor dismayed. This week Landon was Star of the Week at his school. He had several special privileges over the week, including being a special helper, bringing in favorite items from home to share, and sharing treats with his classmates on Friday.

Tuesday, March 25 – Tenure Tuesday! Mike was told by his work colleagues that his tenure case would be reviewed today. However, he did not receive any word as to the result. Hopefully he will receive word once all the cases are reviewed. Hallie babysat Elliot. Winter does not seem ready to leave, but the snow that does fall is not sticking to the ground.

The cold brings dry air and static electricity. Hair-raising!

Wednesday, March 26 – We’re doing some spring cleaning to get rid of furniture and other items we don’t use and to give us more space and less clutter around the house. As part of that endeavor, we got items ready to sell this weekend. Right now the two front rooms are full of stuff, but we hope most of it will be gone by Saturday.

Thursday, March 27 – We had parent-teacher conferences for both children in the morning. Both children have shown great progress. We have tried to encourage Landon to practice his read-aloud skills in class. 

Landon has read The Cricket in Times Square in school and at home with us as part of a whole-school reading project. We really enjoyed sharing this charming chapter book together as a family.

Landon's rendition of Harry the cat from the story

Today was Landon and Eliza’s last day at therapy at Kaufman. We will miss working with Sandra and Christina!

Friday, March 28 – While the kids watched their movie, the parents got started cleaning up the Kia to see if we can get a good price for it and trade for another car. Beforehand, we finally took the bikes out for a ride in the alley. City workers had filled in potholes that had developed over the winter, so they could ride without crashing on the rough road surface. 

Saturday, March 29 – After Landon’s gymnastics class, we all went out to see about trading in the Kia for another car. We did not get a new car, yet. We did, however, get creative with the prizes in their kid’s meals.

The crazy crown goes well with this unique picture Landon drew. We're not sure what it is exactly. 

Sunday, March 30 – Landon woke up in the middle of the night again puking. This time Eliza also woke up. Mike spent a couple of hours getting him bathed, laundry in the wash, and both kids settled back down. The buds have finally begun to sprout! 

We sent the kids outside to take advantage of the relative warmth and sun. Of course, this meant Eliza came in covered in mud. Still, we're happy to see them outdoors again.

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