Sunday, March 09, 2014

Spring Forward? More Like Lurch Forward

We don’t have enough news this week to report day-by-day, but here’s the low-down: On Monday, Mike had his stitches removed, and Hallie sold some Thirty-One Gift items. Our neighbor Dawn brought over some gifts to warm the kids’ bodies and hearts.  

Landon made some sneaky graffiti. Hmmm.

On Tuesday, Hallie had Rocco over for a brief bit. Rocco is a boy in Eliza's preschool class who Hallie will start babysitting a few times a week. Eliza went to Pipsqueak P.E., and maybe because there are kids her same size and some she knows, she is definitely a lot more into than she was the session before.

On Wednesday, Hallie decided not to do her bariatric surgery. At the time, the decision was pretty traumatic, but as the week progressed, she has felt better about it. Landon had brought home some photocopies from a thumbprint drawing book by Ed Emberley. Coincidently, Mike still has two of Ed Emberley's books, so he sent them to school with Landon. 

His teacher let him share the books and thought they were "cool." Landon brought home some artwork inspired by the books: 

Thursday was kind of a blur.  

On Friday, Eliza and Hallie had a play date with Henry a boy from her preschool class and his mom. Eliza spent part of her time driving around in this sweet Mini Cooper. By the time Hallie and Eliza picked up Landon from school it was 45 degrees out and you would swear we had stepped into an alternate universe. The sun was shinning, people had their dogs with them to pick up the kids, windows down in cars with music playing, and it was plain AMAZING! 

Landon and Eliza had made a royal mess of Landon’s room earlier in the week, so instead of pizza and a movie, they got pizza and room cleaning. After struggling to find an activity for Activity Days, Hallie found something at the last minute that turned out great!  

On Saturday morning, Mike took charge of the kids while Hallie attended the stake Women’s Conference. She was gone for most of the day, and the rest of us had a pretty productive time at home. However, once she got home, it was like a weird light switch turned on in the kids, and they started acting up. Oh, to be able to send them outside again!

We sprang forward for Daylight Saving Time. As Mike has gotten older, his opinion of the transition has gotten stronger. More light on winter mornings and earlier-than-they-would-otherwise-be sunsets in the summer are all well and good, but he could do without springing forward an hour. It's more like being dragged forward kicking and screaming. 

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