Sunday, March 23, 2014

First Signs of Spring, B'Gosh and Begorrah!

The first signs of spring have finally started to arrive, including the return of new buds and chirping birds. The ground, blanketed since January in ice and snow, is now covered with some strange green fuzz. Well, that is, it’s covered in fuzz where it’s not bare dirt. This winter has done a number on the ground cover. The kids don’t seem to notice, though. Landon jumped right back into his old routine of digging in the back yard and riding in the alley as soon as he could. 

Monday, March 17 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We celebrated with our traditional corned beef and cabbage, including the apparent tradition of preparing the boiled veggies in a different way than we did the year before. We may have to keep this year’s version. Everything turned out bright and tender without becoming an overboiled mess. We passed on the soda bread this year in favor of breakfast scones for tomorrow.

Hallie looked after Eliza and Rocco and took them both shopping for the night’s ingredients. Rocco really just wanted to be back at home. Poor guy!

Eliza fell asleep on the way home from errands, and when she got up from her nap, she came downstairs wearing her Disney princess crown. She was more tired than in a bad mood, but that didn’t stop Dad from turning her into a meme. There is a parent at Landon’s school that always says that Eliza is so “yummy.”

Tuesday, March 18 – The scones were worth the wait. Maybe we’ll have to chuck the soda bread for these every year! Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

Eliza ran around like a crazy person at her pipsqueak PE class.

After Dad got home from work and we finally got the kids to bed, we watched the concert for the release of Cherie Call’s new CD Homeless Songs via Ustream on the Internet. Streaming media, even with glitches, is amazing!

Wednesday, March 19 – Hallie had jury selection in the morning, and Mike had meetings at school. Hallie was prepared for an all-day stint, but she found out early in the day that she was not selected to be on a trial. We are glad that people were willing to help watch Eliza in case Hallie did go on a jury.

Instead of spending the day apart, the girls dipped strawberries in chocolate. Delicious!

Mike’s meetings revealed some of the turmoil the College of Education is experiencing right now. The economy has adversely affected the university and the college in ways that may directly impact the tenure bids of Mike and other junior faculty.

Hallie met up with Mike minutes before needing to take Landon to gymnastics. Landon sure is loving this new routine, and his new coach is awesome!

After Mike got home, he looked after Eliza for a bit before going to pick up Landon from gymnastics while Hallie and Jayne went to Royal Oak to see the Sing Off 2014 live tour. Two music concerts two nights in a row! Hallie came home having had a really great time, and she was so glad Jayne was willing to go.

Thursday, March 20 – SPRING! It’s still cold and bleak, but at least the days are getting longer. Even the buds have finally started to peak out.
If you squint, you can see the wee white buds. 
Hallie took the kids to their second-to-last therapy appointment. They have done so well with therapy. They will be sad to leave their amazing therapists next week, but the gas budget will be happy with fewer trips out to Bloomfield Hills. Then in the evening Hallie, Landon, and Eliza picked up Mike from work. Thursday nights are fun when Mike gets to come home early.

Friday, March 21 – Mike helped out at recess and then went with the missionaries to visit with Sister Swanson. After Landon got home from school, the two boys finally had their first chance in a long time to play in the alley. Eliza once again had taken a nap. She must be going through a growth spurt.

Hallie spent a lot of time making calls yesterday and today trying to get some things in for our family in order. Somehow those calls always seem to take longer than we think they will.

Landon received his report card, and he showed improvement in every category. He meets proficiency in almost every area, and he also has some new areas of strength. Well done! Also, he finally will have the chance to be his class’s Star of the Week. They saved the best kid for last!

Saturday, March 22 – Hallie took Landon to gymnastics and on a couple of errands, including redeeming a free Culver’s ice cream sundae from a past kid’s meal. Luckies!

Later on in the afternoon Hallie took Landon to get a haircut. He looks super cute and thought pretty highly of himself when he kept checking himself out in the shop windows.

Mike caught Landon reading The Cat in the Hat aloud to Eliza. Adorable!

Sunday, March 23 – In the middle of the night, Landon walked into Mom and Dad’s room telling us that he had thrown up in his bed. Oh, joy. Hallie had mentioned that a stomach bug had been going around, but we didn’t think we would fall prey. Needless to say, he stayed home from church. And so did Eliza. And Mom. And then Dad came home early to help out. Fergus will never get his private time back.

He was feeling somewhat better by midday and totally normal by the afternoon. The kids did some watercolor painting while Landon worked on his Star of the Week poster. 

In  his effort to help keep the kids tidy, Dad and Eliza collaborated on some accidental art too!

Hallie spent the afternoon spring cleaning some cupboards, and they look so fancy! Good work, Hallie!

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