Wednesday, November 24, 2010

X is for Xavier

This is the name Landon was given by his birth mother and which he holds as his middle name. It means "bright; splendid; new house." All of these meanings are apt for our little boy. We honor his birth mother for not only this namesake, but for the heritage she has given our son.

Our son and other children who were adopted receive an important legacy from their birth families. This legacy may be physical, mental, and emotional characteristics that distinguish them from their parents, photos and mementos, a special interest in the part of the country or world where their birth parents came from, and so on. This legacy forms part of the child's identity and should be honored as a beautiful part of who he or she is.

Whenever we think of the name Xavier, we remember with deep gratitude all that Natalie and Cody have given to our son.

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