Monday, November 15, 2010

O is for Opportunities

When we got married, we expected that children would bless our home as part of the natural order of things. This did not happen, so we were afforded an opportunity to make some of our own decisions about whether and how we would bring children into our home. We see adoption as an opportunity to partner with the Lord in helping others make course corrections in their own lives even as we bring children into our home. The birthparents who choose to place make a decision that gives them the opportunity to reset their lives while having the assurance that the human being that came about as the result of their choices receives the opportunity to be raised in a loving home. The opportunity to build a family through adoption clearly is not for everyone, but it has afforded us the chance to raise Landon and (hopefully soon) his siblings.


Riley and Breanne said...

I'm kinda liking this alphabet thing you're doing... cute idea!

Riley and Breanne said...

August is never too hot to make apples... it's easy and so yummy!