Friday, November 19, 2010

S is for Stereotypes

We heard a tragic news story the other day, where a teenager and two of her friends attacked the girl's parents in the middle of the night in the parents’ bedroom. The father fought off the attackers, saving his wife's life, but losing his own in the process. The reporter on the story noted that the girl was the parents' adopted daughter.

So, here comes the question: Why is it relevant that the girl was adopted?

Stereotypes about adoption permeate our society, from tales of wicked stepmothers to urban legends based on tragedies like the one described above. When people seek to understand their feelings about adoption, it is vital that they examine the stereotypes they hold about the adopted child and adoptive families.

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Lila said...

feel free to delete my comments if they sound negative or anything but i must share these things :)...
two weeks ago, my mother in law was telling story after story of how worthless her step children are, whom she has NEVER talked about to us before (they are adopted btw but not used in her descriptions of them to come..). she gave every example she could think of to put down either one to prove how inconsiderate or ungrateful or crazy they were, then said (to me, my husband and his brother) "it seems like everyone i know who have adopted children have these problems with these kids". i couldn't believe my ears and felt invisable in my own home that she would talk like this to me...again.