Sunday, November 14, 2010

N is for Networking (that can be Never-ending)

Simply defined, “adoption networking” is the activities employed by prospective adopting couples to reach adoption-minded birth parents.

Many networking ideas exist for families seeking to adopt. Here are just a few we have used or considered:

  • Letters to EVERYONE telling them that you are adopting and how they can get in touch with you
  • Pass Along cards to leave EVERYWHERE and with EVERYONE
  • Flyers to post at EVERY cork board in town
  • Advertise on social networking sites
  • Open your mouth always
  • Speak with your church leaders let them know your desires
  • Become proactive in the community with some activities found here to celebrate National Adoption Month (November).

We know you can think of more and if you have great ideas send them our way. We can always use new ones.

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