Friday, January 30, 2009

A Special Hand

Yesterday was a day I was dreading a bit. I don't go out for long periods of time with Landon. It may all stem from when he was about 1 month old and we were grocery shopping at Kroger he started to throw a fit. I couldn't figure out what the problem was. By the time I got out an employee was helping me, a lot! Mind you it is right before Thanksgiving and were to have over 20 people at the house. I was trying to get last minute shopping done in a store I really don't like the layout of. In his cute little way I grew to not be so fond of going out with him just in case he ever threw a fit again.
So, yesterday I was to travel to Ann Arbor and with Michelle where we were to facilitate a training class for our adoption chapter. I needed to run a few errands on the way and so I decided to leave at 4:00pm for something that did not start until 6:30pm. Thank heavens I asked Diamond to go with. Thank heavens even more she adores my child. Between all of the snowflakes, and crazy traffic, we made it to the church 3 min after 6:00. Phewf! We set up and I sent Diamond and Landon off to a cold cultural hall (which never got warm )with whatever I had brought and a room full of toys. Thank heavens for nurseries. 3 1/2 hours later we were back in the car headed for Detroit. Landon was AMAZING! He played the whole time without making a sour peep! Diamond played with him for the whole time, changed a poopy diaper (sorry), and got him in his jammies. At the end she said she had fun. I think she is crazy but love her anyway. Landon fell asleep the minute we got in the car and slept the whole way. Mike met us at the car (11:00 pm)and whisked him into his bed and he was out till 7:15 this morning. Yeah!!!!
You know the best part really was that I was so dreading to have to take Landon out that long but Heavenly Father really blessed us last night. The Spirit that was felt during our class was special. People had tears in their eyes and to take the time to listen to why adoption is so meaningful in these families lives was powerful. I am thankful to each of them for living close to the Spirit so that they may bring a special child into their lives just as we have had the opportunity to bring Landon into ours.
Diamond, thank you for being the company I needed to get me to and from Ann Arbor, thank you a million times over for taking care of my precious gift so wonderfully, and most of all thank you for calling it fun.
Michelle, thank you for doing more than your fair share in making last night work so well. The piece of Dove chocolate on the way home was sure YUMMY! Only the best from my co-chair. I know the temple fast will be equally as good.


Diamond Evans said...

thanks Hallie for inviting me. And it was FUN to be with Landon while you worked. I am glad you were able to have a good time and trust me to take care of him. I adore your son. He is so amazing.

disabilitydiva said...

When you are doing the Lord's work, especially adoption it works out. No doubt you prepared and that's why it was a spiritual meeting. I miss your help with adoption but there you are a co-chair!
Email me, I need your advice!! Love ya