Monday, January 12, 2009

A Few Photos of our Peanut!

We haven't posted a few pictures of Landon in a while so here they are. He is a handful with walking and wanting to touch EVERYTHING! Hopefully come Spring he will run it all out at the park and swim it all out in the pool. It has snowed ALL day today. I pray it stops or lets up a bit as tonight is the night that two of the sisters from the branch are receiving their endowment. They are so excited and I would hate for the weather to dampen their spirits.

Landon is eating spaghetti. We think he may be allergic to sauce so he is eating it with a bit o' butter and doesn't seem to phase him a bit.

He pulls the funniest faces and every now and then I am able to capture one of them.
Here are some photos of us at the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum. Above we are learning to make ice cream in Ziploc bags. It worked and it was yummy!
They had firefighter costumes that we tried to get Landon to dress up in. Tried is the key word as the clothes came off about as fast as they went on.
At the museum they had fun water tables where the kids can put on aprons and splash around in the water. Landon loved doing that! Some nice friends in the branch invited us to go with them and we all had a lot of fun!
Above is Landon playing in one of the model rooms at IKEA, a favorite store of ours. We never can leave without buying something. He loved being able to play with the stuff that was just for kids. One day we will be able to leave him in Smalland.
Landon is posing in front of his new car garage that Grandpa and Grandma M gave him for Christmas. It makes noises and lights up when he uses it. What a boy!

We love him so much and 2009 is going to be so exciting as we have the opportunity to experience many more first with him!


The Michiganders said...

Love the hands on museum. I need to take Zach sometime soon. he would love it. Landon is getting so big! I love being able to experience life through the eyes of a little one.

Stephanie said...

What a cutie! He's getting so big!