Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mediocre Fan

For at least 15 years now I have been a mediocre fan of the Dallas Stars. My favorite player has been Mike Modano and I love it when they win! I couldn't really tell you right now who is even on their roster L (Okay, maybe I am less than a mediocre fan.)

Recently Mike and I have been talking about what it takes to say you "live" in a place or what it is like to "live"
in the moment, and for my part to truly say I am living in Michigan and even more so in Southeast Michigan is to change my fan affiliation. Today my allegiance is now going to the Detroit Red Wings.

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carly said...

Booo~! you don't have to change your teams just because you live somewhere! i'm still a lakers fan through and through! never a jazz fan...never! even though I am boo'd around town!