Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hooray, Hooray for the number 38!

As of 3:37 pm it was 38 degrees outside.
It did not feel cold outside to me.
The sun was out and boy did it lift my spirits.
I started seeing people outside which is always a nice thing.
But don't let this nice weather fool you or me for that matter.
By Tuesday it is supposed to be 17, again.
Please Punxsutawney Phil don't see your shadow tomorrow.
I think we have all had enough.


Bettina said...

On my drive home from church the thermometer read 43. It was probably lying, but since it's a happy lie I'm going to go with it. It made it feel like the ice was melting that much faster.

carly said...

i do not envy and dad yes! you, NO!

Lila said...

ok , this is actually about the quote above, i say that myself all the time! before and after evan was born 'people' have referred to him as someone elses child almost that i am just pitying him or i'm not 'his REAL mom' (RRRRRR!!!!!). but in my best mamma bear i've said, how is it any different for me to love evan like he came from my body as your children did than how you love your husband who isn't blood related? you'd do anything for him and he has no dna connection to you. hmmm? it always stumps them. lol.