Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cousin Love on Valentine's Day

This Valentine's there needed to be some love spread around the family. So, Diamond and I went to my/Landon's favorite store The Children's Place and picked up some lovin for the kids. I think I was more excited to do this then maybe they were to receive them.

Here is little Cru rockin out in his shirt. Look at those amazing eyes! Landon, Cru is in competition with you.

Lily the princess and Emerson the prince are posing for Aunt Hallie. What cuties!

Landon is sporting the long hair again. I keep saying we need to cut it but haven't. The day he wore this shirt we went to the mall play area and a lady in the branch said he looked like a rocker. I loved it! He digs music. Anytime there is music he bounces up and down or tries to lead it. Cracks us up! My goal to get it cut this week. But P.S. not as short as it was before. With his curly locks it looks weird too short.


Riley and Breanne said...

Oh, they're all so cute! We miss them all

carly said...

We loved our t-shirt! Sad that it's so cold outside so Cru couldn't sport it alone! but we did love it. you are always so thoughtful! and I can't wait to use our valentines at Krispy Kreme! yummy! We love you guys! and yes, Cru's eyes are heavenly. People always make comments. the other day someone said they were like marble....watch out!