Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pirates, Parent Volunteering, a New Cousin, and a Primary Program

Among other activities, we talked like pirates, hung out with the kids at school, welcomed cousin Finnley to the family, and watched cousin Cru sing and speak at his ward’s Primary program this week. Oh, and we dealt with SoCal’s version of Indian Summer (Santa Anas) to lead us into the fall.

On Monday, Hallie got word that the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop in Oxnard had opened just in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day. After an abbreviated FHE over dinner and a hasty costume change, we set sail for golden treasure! Turns out the news wasn’t exactly accurate, but apparently the employee who saw us walking up and her manager just couldn’t resist our little buccaneers, so we made off with our booty (a dozen Originals). Thanks!

Hallie had her first PTA training, and she went to the gym for the first time in a long time. We are sad not to be walking Roxy anymore, but the school gave Hallie more hours and there is just not enough time in the day to do it all. We will miss our dog friend and will need to go by to visit so we can say Hi!

On Tuesday, Mike started this year’s round of volunteering at the kids’ school. This year looks like it will be busy on Tuesday mornings with reading, centers, recess, and math in three different classrooms! Mike finds the idea of volunteering in the classroom analogous to grandparenting: He gets to have fun working with the kids and then send them back to their teachers for the heavy lifting. Eliza and Hallie both found it fun to have Mike on the playground during recess.  

The kids had gymnastics as usual, and so it was dinner on the road once again and we are so grateful to live in a place where we can find healthy choices and that the kids will eat those healthy choices. Scouts follows right after gymnastics on Tuesday so Hallie and Eliza dropped Landon off at Scouts and headed to sweetFrog for a froyo treat. While there we ran into our friends, the Browns, who didn’t recognize Hallie right off. The change has been dramatic to some, and it is fun to see their reactions.

Wednesday was pretty routine: Work for Mike and Hallie, school for Landon and Eliza. The evening ended with Landon having gymnastics and Hallie at her first PTA meeting as secretary, and boy, what a crazy adventure! Good thing Mike was there to make paper airplanes with the kids who came with their parents. They even had a contest outside to see whose could fly the farthest. Every day seems very busy but full of fun and excitement none the less.

Thursday started early. Mike usually finishes getting the kids ready in the morning while Hallie is crossing guard. This morning Mike had a meeting at 8:00 a.m., so the kids had to leave with Hallie at about 7:40 and hang out at the park while she did crossing guard duty. We are so thankful to have two cars now and that Hallie can work at the kids’ school.

Tonight was Eliza’s turn for gymnastics, and it is so fun to watch her progressing. She really looks up to the older girls. Hallie did her hair in buns for church on Sunday, and Eliza asked if Hallie could do it like that again for gymnastics because that is how the girls on the higher levels wear their hair, and Eliza thinks she will do better that way. Whatever she thinks will work, Hallie will try to accommodate! While at gymnastics, Coach Ray the head gymnastics coach approached Hallie asking her if Landon would be interested in moving up to Level 5. Hallie went to talk to Landon and came back with a resounding “YES!” to Coach Ray. As of Saturday, October 1, Landon will start training 14.5 hours a week.  

Hallie found a really fun leotard online recently and Eliza received it after helping clean up her room. Eliza wore the leotard on Friday, and a lot of people noticed. Eliza said on the way to gymnastics that she was embarrassed to have skulls on her bum. Eliza is really funny! 

The day was a lot like the rest of the week, but this time after gymnastics it was pizza and a movie while Mike taught at CLU. This week it was Eliza’s turn to pick the movie, and she chose to watch Snow White. It was fun to watch such a great movie, and the kids enjoyed it too. The highlight of the day was our new niece Finnley being born in the morning. Hallie had the opportunity to go to the hospital and even got to hold Finnley for nearly an hour before going back to gymnastics. Yay for new babies!

Saturday was a bit of a lazy day, especially while Mike was working. Hallie and Eliza cleaned a bit in Eliza’s room before the day got too hot. In the late afternoon Mike picked up Cru and Sawyer so they and our kids could come play. We played outside with water, and then we headed over to the park. We love being able to play with the cousins!

On Sunday, we went up to TO so we could watch Cru at his ward’s Primary sacrament meeting program. We then came back home for church in our ward. The heat made the idea of grilling outdoors much more attractive that cooking indoors, so we had some tasty marinated chicken.

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