Sunday, October 02, 2016

Onward to October

The weather cooled a bit toward the end of the week, and the mornings are arriving later, and the evenings are arriving sooner each day. Subtle signs of SoCal fall are here with pumpkins piled up in the farmers’ fields and orange ornaments adorning the awnings. 

As has become our custom, we went to school and work and gymnastics all according to schedule. Only a few activities varied from our routines of the week.

Monday was our first experience with a “rainy day” schedule due to excessive heat. Instead of having recess outdoors, the kids gathered in their regular but shorter shifts in the Multipurpose Room. Lunch was close to the same but with part of a movie playing and the kids still lining up outside to get their food. 100 degrees by 11:00 a.m. is just too warm for most anyone.

On Tuesday, Mike finally gave up on his poor painful tooth and got a root canal. Something about ending the occasional bouts of sudden intense throbbing pain might have influenced his decision there. Fortunately, this experience has not been as acute and intense as the broken molar of August 2002. Moving on. . . .
No, no tooth shot. Here's Mike at the office with all his tchotchkes

Mike had planned to volunteer at Las Posas on Tuesdays, but Fridays might actually end up working better for all concerned. He went to Landon’s class on Wednesday this week and to Ms. Bendinelli’s and then Eliza’s class on Friday.

We continue to receive schoolwork from the kiddos’ classes. They seem to be making good progress.

Hallie and Eliza got up early on Friday morning to get doughnuts at the newly opened Oxnard Krispy Kreme for the teachers and staff at Las Posas. She received many happy comments from grateful teachers and staff. We appreciate all your hard work!

The trip was, er, educational! Yeah, that's it! The donut is a circle, after all. . . .

Landon progressed on to Level 5 in gymnastics. We think. He still competes at Level 4, but now he practices (and pays to practice) with the Level 5 boys. On Saturday he had his first practice with his new group.

Friday evening we picked up some yummy homemade cinnamon rolls made by our friend Tifany Bedard who is helping her son Jacob raise money for a trip to Washington D.C. in the Spring. It was nice having homemade cinnamon rolls in the house. Thanks Tiffany!

While Landon practiced, Hallie and Eliza went to the Harvest Festival at the Ventura County Fairgrounds with Grandpa and Grandma M.
Eliza got a mum of her very own.

In the afternoon, Hallie had touch-ups done on her ‘do. Landon commented on how much he liked her faux hawk.

We also watched LDS General Conference on Saturday and Sunday. We’re grateful for the various forms of media that allowed us to watch or listen to sessions while at home and on the road! Mike appreciated Elder Cook’s talk on Saturday afternoon, particularly those relating to “gospel extremism.” There were many useful insights and plenty of food for thought and reflection to be had.

Between sessions on Sunday, Hallie went to choir practice, and Mike took the kids on a hike. Now that the weather has gotten back to normal, a pleasant midday walk was just what squirmy kids (and their dad) needed to relax and reset.

Grandpa and Grandma M. went to see Dolly Parton at the Hollywood Bowl last night in celebration of Grandma’s birthday. As we have cake with them tonight, we can’t wait to hear all about it, and Hallie can’t wait to hold baby Finnley again.

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